Nov 3, 2014

Moneyocracy Monday

moneyocracy ~ government by the monied classes

Anyone else as happy as I am that October is over with?

October was not kind to me. And last week was probably the unkindest of all. I had great hopes for the last week of October, finishing my two drafts, a little pre-NaNo planning, cleaning up my office . . .

While I did finally get Lucky Dog finished, it took until yesterday. Funny how quickly the words came once the calendar changed months. ;-)

But I still didn't even get so much as a chapter ahead in Earth. In fact, I was late with last week's chapter. I got none of the research or pre-planning for my NaNo done. And my office looks even worse than it did because I did some picking up in the livingroom yesterday and a lot of the stuff ended up on my desk.

So because I was determined to finish at least one of my drafts before starting NaNo, I had a zero word count for the first day. I did pretty well yesterday - another couple of days like that and I'll be caught up. But right now the website is telling me at the rate I'm writing I'll be finished NaNo in January. LOL

But November is a new month and it's going to be a better month, right? Right? RIGHT?? Just lie to me and agree or I'll never shut up. :-)

With the changing of the month came the changing of the clocks. Spring forward, Fall back. The time change always confuses me. It confused the cats as well who couldn't figure out why I was still lounging in bed yesterday morning when I should have been up feeding them.

It also heralded a change in the weather. As in the cold is here to stay. Some parts of Ontario got snow as their Halloween treat. We didn't, but it was certainly cold enough for it. I was out on Saturday and glad I was travelling by car because my coat just wasn't up to the challenge of walking. Time to break out the winter gear.

I made a lasagna for Sunday dinner, from scratch. I have to admit I was trying to be all impressive, but I forgot how much work it is. I used to always make my lasagnas from scratch, and then discovered how much easier and cheaper it was to buy them frozen. On the other hand, it's worth the work. Nothing tastes better than home made lasagna.

This week will be all about getting the things done I was supposed to finish in October, or at least give it the old college try. It will also be about finding my balance - writing with everything else I have going on.

So cross your fingers for me. I have a feeling I'm going to need it. :-D

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