Jun 15, 2015

Minauderie Monday

minauderie ~ display of affectation

You know, I kind of like Mondays.

Yeah, I know that's crazy talk. But you almost expect that kind of thing from me, now don't you? ;-)

Don't get me wrong, weekends are great. All kinds of wonderful things can happen on a weekend - you can sleep in (if you don't have cats), you can go places and do things you wouldn't normally do, or you can even just relax.

But by Sunday night I'm starting to look forward to Monday and all my little routines. I'm a creature of habit and I like my routines. And even though my routine had to be adjusted of late, I still enjoy it.

One of the benefits of having to work in my office during the week is that I have far less time for games. And surprisingly, when I do have time to indulge in a game or two, I'm finding they don't have the same interest for me as they once did. My time is limited now, and games seem like such a waste when I could be reading or writing or something else.

I'm still plugging away at my to-be-read bookcase and the cleaning of my office. I worked on both over the weekend and managed to fill another bag with books to get rid of. Re-shelving the books is slow going because I want to try and be organized about it. This venture may kill me yet. ;-)

One of the things the hubby and I got done on the weekend was the annuals for two of the gardens. We were all set to get them on Saturday, the one really nice day out of the whole week, but something came up and we had to put it off until Sunday. When it was raining. *sigh*

It was lightly raining when we went to Home Depot, which had a surprising variety of plants, and it was still raining when we got home. So the hubby took pity on me and helped plant the front garden, which is wide but narrow.

And since I was already wet, I figured I might as well do the smaller garden around the fountain we call Kelsey Park (named for the dog we have buried under there). I even went so far as to water the snapdragons that we got from a different store. They were really dry.

But not for long.

After all that planting in the rain, and separate watering of the snapdragons, the rain stopped just long enough to have a good laugh at me for being all wet, and then it rained steadily for most of the evening.

It was also grey and rainy most of last week and this week looks to be pretty much the same. The water is starting to accumulate out there.

Where's Noah when you need him? :-D

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