Jun 8, 2015

Mucronate Monday

mucronate ~ terminating in a sharp point

Do you think if we changed the name of the day to something else it would make Mondays more tolerable?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

I made an important discovery over the weekend. I've got a lot of books. :-)

Yeah, I know this really isn't news. But remember the SF books I was going through last week? Out of 14 or 15 boxes that I was offered, I only ended up with two full boxes and the daughter took a half a box. And quite frankly I was really regretting not taking more ... until yesterday morning.

Yesterday morning I found myself going through the two bookcases and large basket that hold my to-be-read stash of books, organizing them as well as trying to thin out the herd. Some were books I will read and keep, some were ones I will read and then discard, very few were ones I was willing to part with unread.

Still, I managed to fill three boxes with a mix of hardback and paperback books, and one box full of textbooks that will be great as kindling some night when we have a fire outside. I don't normally advocate for burning books, but these textbooks are out of date and all marked up, so I can't even donate them.

However, I still have two boxes of science fiction paperbacks, so really, I only got rid of one box of books. *sigh* But the good news is, I've been making more time to read lately, so maybe I'll even do a post about it on Friday. ;-)

This working for a living is for the birds. While the interviews I'm transcribing are really interesting, they're seriously cutting into my gaming time. And now that I've acquired all those lovely sci fi books, I kinda want to read them.

The audio I'm working from is pretty bad, which makes the whole process a little frustrating, but I'm hoping it'll get better.

The highlight of the week last week was the appearance of a mouse in the house. I heard some noises under the couch in the living room last week and one of the cats let me know there was something under there. So the hubby and I moved the couch and though I saw the mouse, we weren't fast enough to catch it. I think it ended up hiding inside the couch. Then, a couple of days later, late in the evening, it scuttled from under the couch, across the floor, and under the TV stand on the other side of the living room. Right in front of one of the cats. The TV stand is large and wedge shaped, so there was lots of room for Mr. Mouse to hide from the cat. Dante kept vigil for about an hour or so before giving up. We think the mouse escaped though the vent.

I don't know whether that is one brave mouse, or one suicidal mouse. ;-)

You'll notice that is no picture of the orchid today. Poor, sad little orchid. All of the buds did indeed open, but before the last one did, one of the blossoms fell off. I have no idea why because it was right in the middle of the stalk. And a couple of days later it's mate on the other side of the stalk dropped off too, so there are only eight blossoms still.

Guess I'm no longer the orchid whisperer.

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