Jun 1, 2015

Magnality Monday

magnality ~ wonderful or great thing

I swear the weather lately is on drugs, and potent drugs at that.

After a pleasantly warm week, Saturday was insanely hot and humid, despite being overcast and rainy. Sunday, however, was incredibly cold and rainy. We're talking "put your jacket on if you have to go outside" cold.

Colour me unimpressed! And apparently this is supposed to be the pattern for the rest of the summer.

So . . . remember how I was supposed to be weeding out books from my office? Well, a funny thing happened last week. I went to the gym on Thursday and a couple of members were talking about these books one of them had to get rid of . . . science fiction books. To make a long story short, she had a van full of boxes of books that were destined for donation to a charity yard sale, but she was willing to let me go through them first. Since her time was limited, we loaded half the boxes (six of them) into my truck so I could go through them over the weekend.

It would have been so easy to just take them all. But two things stopped me. First, my shelf space is limited (which is why I'd been trying to weed out books in the first place). And second, so is my reading time.

And I guess maybe a third thing would be how unimpressed the hubby would be. I'm already fortunate that book hoarding isn't grounds for divorce. ;-)

If I could do nothing else but read all day, I might have kept more that I did. But although I have been making an effort to work in a little more reading lately, it would take me the rest of my life to read all those books. So I showed great restraint and only kept a box and a half.

I get to go through the rest of them today. :-)

And of course just when I have all these new books to read, I pick up another oral history project to transcribe so my free time will be limited for the foreseeable future.

But don't worry, very little of my writing/editing schedule will change. What will change is the amount of time I've been wasting on games and mindless surfing. Who knows, maybe I'll even develop some good working habits for a change.

As mind boggling as it is, I now have nine blossoms open on my orchid's bloom stalk and the tenth one is almost there. The last time I was this excited about an orchid was for this one:

I grew this orchid from a seedling and it took seven years for it to blossom. And I'm really glad I took several pictures of it because shortly after this I moved it from the window ledge to a counter top where it still got lots of light, but it was also in direct line of the cold air coming from the air conditioner.

This is when I learned an important lesson about orchids. They do not like cold air.


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