Aug 8, 2016

Moslings Monday

moslings ~ thin strips taken off when dressing skins

Hot enough for you out there? It’s so hot here I caught a couple of hobbits trying to throw a ring into my back yard. ;-)

Seriously though, it’s been insanely hot for the last few weeks, and really dry (in spite of the high humidity). There’s a fire ban in effect, which means no outdoor fires, and the water in Lake Ontario is down 11 inches from last year. If anyone in this area has a green lawn, you can be sure it’s been spray painted.

However, we have been adding water to our pond on a regular basis to keep this guy happy:

I had big plans for last week. I was going to get the transcripts done by Monday and then spend the rest of the week catching up on things I’ve let go this last month, including my writing. But if you know me at all, you should know that things seldom work out the way I would like them to.

I was pretty much on target with the transcripts, despite the break for the aquarium last Saturday, but then ... somehow we ended up hosting a lunch time barbeque for some of the hubby’s family on Monday. And everyone had so much fun they came back to have Chinese take-out for dinner.

So ... during my breaks from transcribing on Sunday I gave the house a thorough cleaning - at least the areas most likely to be seen by family. The dining room carpet was literally grey with cat hair, it had been that long since I’d taken the time to vacuum. I must say, it was pretty impressive, the amount I got accomplished in so short a time - both transcribing and cleaning. :-D

And while it would have been nice to just relax between lunch and dinner on Monday, I used the time to get all but the last two minutes of my last transcript done. And when I returned to my office after everyone was gone again to finish it, I discovered someone had shut off my work computer. I can only assume it was one of the visiting kids who thought they were turning it on (I had the monitor turned off but left the programs running in anticipation of returning to them later). *sigh*

However, all’s well that ends well. I didn’t lose too much of my work, although I was up rather late finishing up. We had a nice visit with family and the transcripts are finished. This batch at least, I’ll be getting another batch in September so you can expect the whining to start up again then.

As well as the whole house cleaning thing, one of the other things I let slide over the past few weeks was exercise. I stopped going to the gym, and then last week I didn’t even ride the bike - by doing so I had two extra hours in the morning for transcribing. One of my legs starting hurting ‘cause I’d been blowing off my exercise routine, now it’s hurting because I’ve started back up again. So this week I’ll be getting back into the saddle, so to speak.

And, because last week the daughter was on vacation and didn’t need me for babysitting, naturally I came down with a cold. It started out as a bit of a sore throat, accompanied by sniffles last weekend but I figured it was just because of where the fan in my office was positioned, pretty much blowing right in my face. But by Wednesday, it was a full blown cold.

So Wednesday I was miserable, and Thursday I was feeling all muzzy-headed from the cold medication and spent the day reading. Which means, I really didn’t get the things I’d planned on doing ... done.

But I read a good book, and I got to relax without feeling guilty. I might have wished for the weather to be a little cooler, but we can’t have everything and at least I was able to sit at the end of the house where the air conditioner was. :-D

Hopefully this week I’ll be able to get a start on that whole getting organized thing.

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