Oct 10, 2016

Monopolylogue Monday

monopolylogue ~ dramatic work in which one actor plays many roles

It’s officially fall.

Yes, I know, the calendar said fall started a couple of weeks ago. But this morning when I got up I actually turned the heat on in the house. Me, the woman who’s perpetually cold. There was frost on the ground outside and according to the Weather Network it was all of 3 degrees Celsius outside (that’s in the high 30s for those of you using Fahrenheit). It was around 10 C (50 F) according to the thermostat inside the house. So yeah, an extra sweater just ain’t gonna do it any more.

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians! And a Happy Columbus Day to my U.S. friends.

I believe I mentioned last week that I cooked a turkey dinner last weekend to both use up my excess turkey and to give us leftovers. I didn’t get any pictures because although the build up to dinner was leisurely, the actually serving of it was not and there just wasn’t time for a picture.

Yesterday we went to the in-laws for a big family dinner. We all take a dish or two, mine were glazed carrots and sweet potatoes. A long time ago I used to just take carrots, but they’re not a sweet potato bunch and I can’t imagine Thanksgiving without sweet potatoes, so ...

The daughter brought a pumpkin pie and I believe she called it a bourbon pecan pie. It was so pretty it was almost a shame to cut into it, but at the same time it was really, really too yummy to let just sit there. Which is how I ended up spending most of last night in a food coma. ;-)

Thanksgiving is a time for family, and for feeling gratitude for all the things we have. We may grouse about our families the rest of the year, but we still move heaven and earth to be with them at Thanksgiving. Often it’s not just over the hill to grandma’s house, it’s way across county.

Despite the fact that we all live in the same town, we don’t get together with the hubby’s family that often. Sometimes we’ll have dinner with his parents, but with the siblings and their kids, not so much. So for me the highlight was seeing the granddaughter playing with her cousins - one smaller and three bigger. It was pretty crowded and there weren’t a lot of toys, but they had a blast.

This year I’m grateful for friends and families, the food on our table and the roof over our heads. I’m also grateful for the kids. They may be a rowdy bunch, maybe a little head strong, but they’re healthy and happy, and that’s what counts.

What are you grateful for?

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