Jul 10, 2017

Mirador Monday

mirador ~ belvedere or watchtower; architectural feature with good view

Some weeks I sit at my lap top on Sunday night, staring at the screen, trying to figure out what I could possibly talk about in my Monday blog post. And some weeks it comes easily. This should have been an easy post to write because it occurred to me last week I’d promised back at the beginning of June to post some updated pictures of my gardens at the beginning of July.

However, as I sat at my lap top last night I realized I didn’t have any current pictures of my garden. I didn’t take any last week because of all the rain, but I’m sorry now that I didn’t at least take a picture of my petunias. They weren’t happy campers with all the rain that had been pounding down on them and had stopped blooming.

So despite it being overcast this morning, I went out to take pictures. Now the race is on to see if I can get them posted before 8 a.m., which is the time I normally schedule these posts for. :-D

Starting at the front, this is what it looked like in June:

So pretty, isn’t it? And here’s the same garden as of this morning:

Not quite as pretty, but the petunias made an amazing come back. A little TLC and a lot less rain and I’m sure they’ll fill the garden the way I intended. And the begonias in the hanging planter on the right are doing great.

Next up is Kelsey Park.

Beautiful, wasn’t it? This garden fared the best of all through the rain because it was protected somewhat by the bowl of the fountain. But remember I mentioned the pleasant surprise of the sweet peas from a couple of years ago coming up? Yeah, they’re kind of trying to take over now.

My poor pansies. I love sweet peas, gathering huge bouquets of them was a favorite occupation when I visited my aunt up in Owen Sound (they grew wild near her house). but seriously, if they don’t start blooming soon I’m pulling them up so they stop choking out everything else.

Next is a reminder of what the herb garden looked like:

While I wouldn’t exactly say it thrived with all the rain, at least it held its own. And my dill is coming up like gang-busters. As you can see, I really need to thin it out some.

In my original post about my gardens I didn’t show the patio planters because there was nothing in them. However, I planted wild flower seeds in them. And while most of the planters did really well:

Some of them didn’t do quite so good:

The difference is drainage. Some of them had plugs in the bottom and some of them the hubby had to drill holes in. I’m not sure which the four planters above had, but they weren’t able to drain fast enough for the amount of water in them. I’m out of wildflower seeds, but I got some poppy seeds from one of my brothers-in-law and I’m going to give them a try.

Last, but not least, is the hubby’s tomato plant.

Poor, sad little tomato plant. It did not like all that rain, but as a reward for hanging in there we re-planted it in a bigger pot. And look, it’s got one ripe tomato and several green ones. Now it just needs a bigger cage and maybe a shot of fertilizer.

And so ends the garden update for July. So tell me. How does your garden grow?

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