Nov 5, 2018

Monoculus Monday

monoculus ~ one-eyed person

I hate the time change. I don’t care if I gained an hour of sleep this time, tell it to the cats. Going to bed at “10 o’clock” instead of 11 is fine, but I’m waking up at 5 instead of 6 and as soon as I stir the cats think it’s time to be fed.

Since I’m pretty sure I go off on a rant like this every time the time changes, I’ll spare you this time – you’re welcome – but I don’t make any promises for the spring. LOL

You know how most places get several days of sun or sun and cloud and only a day or two of rain? We’ve been getting unrelenting grey with wind and rain for several weeks now, and if we’re lucky we get a token sunny day in there, but only one.

So what gives? Is it all the hurricane activity to the south? Global warning? An alien plot to drive us all crazy? Inquiring minds want to know!

I tried doing a Google search for answers, but mostly what came up was stuff about the stock market. The most interesting link I found was for a place called Gloomy Lake in Ontario. It’s way over to the west near the border between Ontario and Minnesota.

So then, being easily distracted the way I am, I started searching for information about Gloomy Lake and I have to tell you, there wasn’t much.

Then I got sidetracked by a site that claimed to offer the most depressing places in the world, so naturally I had to take a look at that. And yes, Gloomy Lake was on the list. I think, however, that the places on the list were chosen for their name only because it was filled with things like: Depressed Lake, Sad Lake, Disappointment Island, Unfortunate Cove, Crying Child Island, the Sorrow Islands, Spiteful Geyser. . . you get the idea.

And just so you know, these are all real places – I looked them up. :-D

After wasting way too much time on that (okay, so I had to force myself to stop, but I’m pretty sure I’ll revisit the search at some point) I tried to search out images for Gloomy Lake and again came up empty. There were lots of images, but none of Gloomy Lake itself. I even tried looking up satellite images, but they weren’t helpful either.

Maybe one of these days – like in the summer when we have nothing better to do and a lot of time to waste – the hubby and I can take a road trip to Gloomy Lake so I can take my own pictures. In the meantime, here’s one of the images that came up for my gloomy lake search.

Looks pretty good for a gloomy lake, don’t you think?

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