Nov 19, 2018

Mucorrhoea Monday

mucorrhoea ~ discharge of mucus

Monday, already? Where did my weekend go?

Oh, that’s right. I spent it writing, trying to catch up the 5,000 words I was behind on NaNo. And I didn’t do too badly either, but once again there was no time for doing my blog posts ahead of time.

And then I slept in this morning – something I almost never do. You see, my inner clock and I have an arrangement. I tell it what time I want to get up, and I usually wake up within about 15 minutes of that time. Except for this morning.

I blame the cold pills I’ve been popping. I started getting a wicked bad cold at the end of the week – stuffed head, sore throat – and by Friday you could add watery eyes, coughing and sneezing to the list. So I started taking over the counter cold medicine.

Now the thing about over the counter cold medicine is that it usually comes with some kind of pain killer included – I guess to help with the aches and fever – usually either acetaminophen (wasn’t even close on the correct spelling of that one) or ibuprofen (little closer on that one). In otherwords, either Tylenol or Advil.

I can’t handle Tylenol unless it has codeine in it, so Advil For Cold and Sinus it was (which doesn’t usually make me sleepy but it did this time). Then I treated myself to a pajama day on Saturday so I dozed and wrote, wrote and dozed. Sunday I was feeling better so I sucked it up and did some laundry too. And now, here I am – still stuffed up, still tired but with many words written and clean clothes.

So. . . how was your weekend?

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