Jan 16, 2009


I did a post on my everyday blog about changes, which I find interesting because I’m making a slight change in what I posted here yesterday.

I’m not changing my goals, I still intend to finish all four of my WIP, but instead of working on my Nano novel (which is up past 56K now) I’m going to start off with Magic. The reason for this is because Magic seems to be the one that’s grabbing my attention right now.

I think I’d better change the Zokutou bar for Magic as well. The story’s at 17K right now and I’m pretty sure I don’t have another 60K worth of story left. Frankly, I’ll be surprised if it tops 40K. Which is okay. I already figured I’d be looking at e-publishing for it, and e-publishers seem a lot more forgiving of length. Many e-publishers accept novellas and novelettes as well as full length novels.

Another thing I find interesting, is that I appear to come up with more series ideas than single ideas. Not series as in you have to read them in a particular order for them to make sense, but series as in the subject matter or location is connected some how.

*sigh* Now if I could only just buckle down and get them written.

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