Jan 23, 2009

Where Are Those Buckles?

This is getting ridiculous.

While it's good that I'm at least back to updating my blogs, it's bad that I'm not getting any other writing done. Not even so much as a post on Absolute Write or a letter to my sister.

I may not be thinking much about my current WIPs, but that doesn't mean I'm not still getting ideas. A couple of them are variations on previous ideas, but one is pretty new. It'll need further consideration before it gets committed to paper, but it's coming.

Coming up with a set time to write every day has been problematic lately, and as I've stated previously I have a hard time squeezing in writing in little bits and pieces throughout the day. At least until an idea takes hold and won't leave me alone.

I need to set myself a daily word goal, large enough to make me feel productive, but not so large as to scare me off. It just irritates the crap out of me that I was able to produce two and three thousand words a day during Nano and now . . . nothing. *sigh*

Over on Absolute Write they have a Page-A-Day club. A page is only 250 words. Maybe I could start out with a page a day and then increase until I’m back to where I want to be. A thousand words is only four pages a day. During Nano I was able to do a thousand words in an hour.

Time to buckle down!

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