Jan 21, 2009


I wish I was the kind of writer who can squeeze in bits of writing here and there in spite of whatever distraction life throws at them. I know other people do this, but right now I’m seriously lacking in that kind of focus.

I lost my writerly mojo when I stopped writing for the holidays and I’m having a hard time getting it back. I guess updating my blogs is a start, but still . . .

Whilst looking for my mojo I decided to check out the document files I had stored on my lap top with the idea of maybe working on one of my abandoned short story ideas. Hmm, four that are more or less finished but I’ve decided need more work (but have not idea what kind of work), one that’s just the bare bones of an idea for a series of stories, and one that I have no idea where I was going with.

Where are the rest of them? They’re not tucked away in a different file. They’re not on my trusty USB key. Hopefully they’re not on the CD I can no longer access . . . Please tell me they’re not still on various floppy disks stacked, hidden, scattered, throughout my office. *sigh* At least I know I have hard copies of them all tucked away in various file folders.

There was a time when I printed a hard copy of every little note and change I made to a story and stuck it in the appropriate file. Of course this was before the Great Purge, the week I went through all the papers in my office in an effort to reduce and ended up with 11 bags of shredded paper for the recycling.

The fact that three out of the four current WIP don’t even have folders tells me I’ve come a long way baby. I have an oversized notebook to work out ideas and everything else is on the computer or USB key.

Looks like today I’m going to check some of my storage CDs for my short story collection. Hopefully I had the brains to transfer the information from my floppy disks to CDs. Checking the floppy disks (if I can even remember where I put them) will first require fixing one of the computers that has a floppy drive.

Wish me luck.

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