May 19, 2009

Office, Sweet Office

Just when I thought I was making headway in the cleaning/organizing of my office, I decided the new bookcase would look better on the opposite side of the room. Which of course meant I had to empty not only it, but the shorter bookcase I was switching it with. You’d think being shorter it would have less books, but unfortunately this was my “to be read” bookcase and three of the rows were doubled up.

Part of me says: Way to waste an afternoon you could have spent writing! But the other part of me says: It was worth it! Now the messy office is cleaned up and the book cases are organized and it creates an atmosphere far more conducive to writing.

Since I still don’t have a camera to take pictures, let me see if I can draw a layout for you :

Okay, that’s a really sad example of my computer drawing skills (just click on it if you want to see a bigger version) but it gives you an idea of the layout (this is so not to scale!). The three bookcases in a row are 70 inches tall, while the long one sits under a window that runs the entire width (96 inches). On top of the filing cabinet (just a two drawer one) is my ink jet printer and beside that (not shown in drawing) is a smaller desk that I keep my paper in. Beside it (which makes it directly behind the desk) is a cabinet with my laser printer on top and the rest of my office supplies inside.

This room used to be the master bedroom so the printing alcove is the closet (sans doors) and I was already wired for cable and phone. I even have the wiring in place for a second phone line, should the need ever arise.

Okay. Enough boasting of my organizational prowess. Time to write!


Jamie said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with your computer drawing - aside from the fact that it's right by your muse in human form. Dare I say which my eyes are more drawn to? ;-)

Congrats on getting organized - here's to much writing progress in your clean digs!

Anonymous said...

Yay for getting organized :) reminds me that i need to tidy up my writing space at some stage. Clutter grows exponentially, doesn't it?

C R Ward said...

I'm convinced clutter breeds. I'd clean up a pile only to find another pile underneath, and beneath that would be more books!

Benjamin Solah said...

Love reading this organisational post.

We should have a blog carnival of people showing off their writing desks and writing spaces. I'd love to do that!