May 25, 2009

What Happened?

Jeez, is it Monday already? Where’d the weekend go?

After the somewhat frantic pace of the previous week, I got off to a slow start on Saturday. But after catching up on my email and blog reading I settled down to work on some poetry.

Friday night all I could think of was a poem I wanted to write. Unfortunately, I was at my husband’s bowling banquet at the time. A few of the lines kept running through my head though and I was able to jot them down when I got home. :-)

I also worked on a sonnet for an AW challenge, and a poem for my poetry group’s homework assignment. Yes, I joined the Cobourg Poetry Workshop group and once a month someone gets to choose a “homework” assignment from a bouquet of poetry prompts. This is just for fun, but who am I to refuse a challenge?

I also wrote a nine page (typed, single space) letter to my sister, and in the midst of that had another idea for a poem which stopped my letter writing long enough to write out. Poetry appears to be taking over my writing life, which is not a bad thing, I just need to make some room for fiction as well.

Last night I started organizing my school notes in a binder, and got a second binder for my poetry. A lot of people in the poetry workshop print out copies of the poem they’re reading for everyone at the meeting, so I thought saving them in a binder would keep them from wandering off. Then I realized that most of my poetry was still in electronic format, so I printed my poems off and put them in another section of the binder.

I’m getting so organized it’s scarey!

I was going to post some goals for the week, but I don’t think I can really do that effectively until I’ve settled into school. The next two weeks are afternoon classes where we are introduced to the computer.

Yes, that’s right. Here’s the blurb from my schedule:

Computer Fundamentals:
Designed to introduce the student to keyboarding skills, basic computer hardware and operating systems, file management, and information sharing.

It’s going to be a longggg two weeks!


Jamie said...

Ugh...might want to sneak some poetry into class to work on while everyone else is learning how to use the 'puter...

Good luck settling in! You'll be goal setting again in no time. :-)

C R Ward said...

I wish I could sneak some poetry into class, but unfortunately there's only a handful of us and I sit in the front of the room. :-(