May 12, 2009

Puttering Along

First of all, I would like to announce that I iz a winner! I placed second in a poetry contest I entered a few weeks ago. The prize is $15.00, which is the first money I’ve ever received for any of my work. Suddenly, I get the urge to start submitting more of my poems. :-)

Writing-wise, yesterday was not a bad day. Not a great day, but not bad. I got a rather late start and then I got distracted a couple of times, but I still managed to start a few things, even if I didn’t manage to finish them. I started a spring-time poem for last week’s writing prompt on Poetic Asides, I started going through my collection of short stories with an eye to improving them and picked one to work on (and because most of these were written before I had a computer, I had to type it out too), and I started a poem for submission to an anthology.

When the poem started giving me a headache, I took a break and went over to Absolute Write for a while. The usual threads I visit weren’t all that interesting, so I started visiting a few of the other threads I’ve been ignoring, which is where I found out about the anthology.

I’ve decided that updating my blogs counts as writing, even though I won’t count it in my daily total (when I’m keeping track). It’s writing, sometimes it’s very creative writing, especially when there’s not much going on and I want to try and sound like my life is interesting. :-)

Today I’ll be working on my poems some more, working on the short story with an eye to submitting it, and working on Driving Into Forever (hopefully). Got lots to be writing, I just need to get to it.


Jamie said...

Congrats on the win!!! Woohoo - and prize money too! I bet that's very motivating... :-)

Good luck with your writing session(s) today. I wish I was home instead of at work. It's rainy and dreary and perfect "write all day" weather.

Fish Out of Water... said...

Yahoo...go gett'm girl...

C R Ward said...

Thanks guys! :-)