May 6, 2009

Wicked Wednesday

No whimsy today, I'm afraid.

My precious lap top caught the swine flu last night (AKA a virus of epic proportions). It had a melt down, taking the posts I had created for my two blogs, plus the last two days worth of writing with it.

Could have been worse. At least I backed up all my important files a couple of days ago, so I haven't lost everything. But the one thing I didn't think to back up were my bookmarks. And I had a bunch of stuff saved in my outlook express.

*sigh* Isn't technology wonderful?

I feel so lost without my bookmarks. . . . How will I know what blogs to surf to without my bookmarks?

Okay, time to channel my cognative therapy. Look for the good in the bad. Hmm. Well, at least I have the desk top computer, clunky as it is (nothing a new mouse, keyboard and monitor wouldn't fix). Umm, what else? It'll force me to start working in my office . . . although I spent most of yesterday working in here writing those two super duper posts that are now lost forever!

This isn't working. Excuse me while I go curl up in a corner and whimper.


Jamie said...

Oh no! So sorry for your Need some tissues? Chocolate?

Fish Out of Water... said...

That Sucks!

Well, all you can do now is to put the CD that came with the puter into the CD Drive, and boot from the CD...

Relax and let the software do the rest.

Did you install the software from your internet provider when I told you to?

I know there is some nasties out there...I've had to format at work as well.

Surf safe, use protection!