Jan 8, 2010


No, I don't mean "Ar Maties" - talk like a pirate day is in September. I mean "Argh!" as in, my lap top has a virus. AGAIN! I'm thinking you get what you pay for and that the IT guy at school was not worth the $50 I paid him.

Sorry about this folks, but due to circumstances beyond my control, Chapter 21 will be delayed.

What really frosts me is that I can't even access the part I was working on and so I'll have to start over - from scratch. After school. It took me forever to figure out how to start it, and it was almost finished. Again I say, ARGH!

So never fear, Chapter 21 is coming, just not until later today.

Have I mentioned that 2010 does not appear to be starting out well for me?

If it wasn't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all!


Jamie D. said...

So sorry to hear that, Carol. Good lord, you do get hit often. Do you have antivirus software installed? Hubby says the new free Microsoft one is actually pretty good...

Best of luck with the re-write. Hope your computer is "well" again soon.

C R Ward said...

I swear, if I could afford a new one I'd be chucking my lap top out into the snow - files and all!

Believe it or not, I do have virus protection, and two anit-spyware programs. I think the hard drive needs to be properly wiped - not just restored. Techs around here don't seem to know the difference. :-(

Dolly said...

Sorry to hear about the laptop. I can imagine the frustration as you just got it sorted. Never mind about 2010...it's just getting started. plenty of time for good luck