Jan 11, 2010

Malformed Monday

It seems kind of silly to post a week's worth of little goals right after my post about my long term goals, but that's what Mondays are for, so here I am.

There's no word on my lap top yet. *sigh* But since I decreed the start of a new year full of luck yesterday, I will not dwell on the downside of my lap-topless status. Instead, I'll focus on the upside.

1. I got all my Christmas "stuff" put away.
2. Cleaned the house (and as a bonus it was just in time for my in-laws to stop by).
3. Got a few more rows done on an afghan I'd started.
4. Finished watching the Dr. Who DVDs I got for Christmas.
5. Had time to read.
6. Actually sat down and got some editing done (the pages were already printed out).

So, I guess every cloud has a silver lining after all. :-)


When all is said and done, last week was a pretty good week. I got all but one of my goals accomplished (didn't get to the Greek poetry reading). Got my posts all up, even the one the lap top ate that I had to recreate for Friday. Survived my first week of Bookkeeping Level II, though just barely. Pretty much finished playing around with my Random Writings blog - for now I'm using it as an overflow blog. Like, when I have something writerly to say that doesn't really fit into one of my regular posting days here. Or, if I have a excerpt or flash piece I want to share.

I checked out the local writer's group: Northumberland Scribes and had a great time. I got some editing done and some reading done, I even got my office picked up. Like I said, it was a pretty good week.

This Week's Goals:

I'm working on the premise that I might not get my lap top back until later in the week or maybe even on the weekend. Using the desktop probably won't kill me, but I do miss my microsoft programs and my bookmarks.

Tuesday will bring more randomness. One of these days I need to sit down and come up with some kind of structure for this day. After doing the series on the Deadly Sins, I feel like all I'm doing now is just finding obscure facts and throwing them out there.

Wednesday will be another bit of whimsey from the vaults. I stumbled across it when I was looking for something else and it still gave me a chuckle.

Thursday I will be exploring the Welsh poetry form of Cywydd. I just hope it's not as hard to write as it is to spell and pronounce.

Friday will see chapter 22 of the Space Opera. I'm going to have to try and get this done ASAP because Friday is also an exam in Bookkeeping.

Other than that, I'll be reading, editing and napping writing.

How's your week shaping up?


Lost Wanderer said...

Wow you are so organised. I need to go on more day to day basis.

but just had excellent news from WB tutor, got an A in last two assignments so I am very happy. now must do some work to prove myself worthy.

Jamie D. said...

Congrats on a great week last week, Carol! And congrats on surviving bookkeeping too. Ugh.

It's the little goals that make the big goals happen, you know. ;-)

I wouldn't be nearly as productive without my netbook, so really, I hear you on the desktop thing. Crossed fingers for you to get it back soon.

I see that "napping" up there...*shakes finger* ;-)

Good luck with your goals!