Jan 18, 2010

Magnificent Monday

As you may have noticed, I kind of fell off the blogging wagon last week. I’m back now though and even my lap top is back. Despite some setbacks last week, I still firmly believe this will be a better year for me.


Tuesday I posted about some literary randomness. It was an interesting post to research and fun as well. Wednesday was an oldie but goodie from the email vaults. Thursday was a total miss. The Cywydd isn’t a particularly hard poetry form, it just didn’t happen. Friday was a miss as well, but I did get chapter 22 up on Saturday.

Got some reading in last week, not much editing though. And despite the mother of all migraines, I think I did pretty well on my Bookkeeping exam.

After I got my chapter up on Saturday I caught up on my blog reading/commenting and dipped my toe in the Twitter waters. If you want to look me up I have no idea how you do it, but I go by MysteMaker on Twitter. :-)

This Week’s Goals:

Tuesday will have some random facts about daydreaming. The lovely Jamie suggested the day dreams as a part of a dreams post I was working on, and before I knew it, I had enough information about day dreams for a post of its own.

Wednesday I’ll see if I can find some day dreaming humour.

Thursday we’ll try once again for the poetry form of Cywydd. Also on Thursday there’s a poetry reading sponsored by my poetry group that I really must attend. I don’t think I’ve been to one since October. Bad poet!

Friday will be Chapter 23 of the Space Opera. I also need to get the house cleaned up because my New Brunswick sister and her hubby are stopping in for the night.

Random Writings

I’m hoping to get one or two posts up on this blog, so check it out once in awhile. Yesterday I posted about being a dreamer. It’s worth a look, if only for the Ozzy video. :-)

Tonight I’m going to my second meeting of the Northumberland Scribes, where I will be reading my very short flash fiction from the prompt LBD. I’ll do a post about it on Tuesday.

Other posts on this blog will occur with extreme randomness, less so if someone wants to give me a topic to blog about. :-)

Wow, it looks like I’ve got a lot on the go this week. How about you?


Jamie D. said...

I meant to comment on your post yesterday...and can't remember if I did. I'll head back over there later. ;-)

Looks like you've got a busy week going on...I'm looking forward to you posts!

Dolly said...

Busy week. Looking forward to your other posts. I have a very bad feeling that this is going to be quite an unproductive week, so now I shall work to prove myself wrong.

C R Ward said...

Jamie: tomorrow's post was done with you in mind. :-)

LW: Ignore those bad feelings and write anyway!

erica m. chapman said...

Whew - you are a busy one!! Looking forward to this week's posts!