Jan 4, 2010

Man, It's Monday!

So how’s everyone enjoying the New Year so far? I see lots of resolutions posted on blogs . . . I find resolutions too easy to break, but I do have some goals for the New Year. I’m doing a special post for them on Sunday, and I’ll tell you why . . . on Sunday. :-)

I have to say that my New Year has not gotten off to a stellar start. I’m back to having to force-feed one of the cats, although I find I’m getting much better at it. I also got stranded at the mall when my gas line froze (I ended up taking the bus home ‘cause the husband was away at a bowling tournament), spent way too much time downloading and trying out new templates for my Random Writings blog, signed up for Twitter and have no idea how to use it, and I over did the crocheting and could barely move my right arm on the weekend.

It can only get better from here, right? RIGHT???


On the plus side, I got my post up about the origins of New Year’s, found some New Year’s themed whimsy for Wednesday, struggled to get an original Trolaan poem up on Thursday (have you noticed how the more I struggle with a poetry form the darker the poem turns out?), and I got Chapter Twenty of the Space Opera done for Friday. I even managed to do a post on Saturday for the No Kiss Blogfest.

As for my other goals, figuring out the new phones, editing, and reading . . . I got the phones set up, even programmed a few numbers into the speed dial. Unfortunately, I didn’t get as much editing or reading done as I’d like, although I did get in some of both.

Goals For This Week

Tuesday I’ll have some new random facts for you. In fact, they’re so new I don’t even know what they are yet. :-)

Wednesday I will be digging deep into the vaults for something whimsical.

Thursday’s Passion For Poetry form will be the Monchielle.

Friday, of course, will be Chapter Twenty-one of the Space Opera. I believe it may be time for Chaney and Nakeisha to get a little physical, only maybe not in the way you might think. ;-)

Sunday, I’ll be doing a special post about my goals for the New Year, which I’m still working on.

Other than that, it’s back to school for me this week. Today we’re starting Advanced Bookkeeping. Oh goody! *insert sarcasm emoticon here* Tonight I’m going to check out a local writer’s group I just found out about over the holidays and Thursday night is a special poetry reading by a Greek poet.

And did I mention that editing and reading are also on my “to do” list? I also want to finish fixing up my Random Writings blog, maybe even move a few of the links from here over.

Whatever else you can say about my week ahead, at least I won’t be bored! How about you, what does your week have in store for you?


Anonymous said...

Rather slow, so far. My grandfather (98) is in the hospital, heart failure, but he should be out soon, although in his current condition...well.

Jamie D. said...

Right, Carol! :-) Sorry you got stranded - that just sucks.

Wow, you've been busy! And I'll try to dig out a primer on "Twitter 101" that inky girl posted on her blog to send you. That should help. I'm sure you'll get the hang of it soon. You figured out how to follow me - I'll introduce you around the writer's areas tonight, and you should get more followers then (who you can follow back).

You're such a tease...can't wait to see what the Space Opera has in store for those two next.

As for my week - well, you know me. Posting my goals soon... :-)

C R Ward said...

Ralfast: sorry to hear about your grandfather - I'm sending healing wishes his way!

Jamie: I'd like to take the credit for figuring out how to follow you but I cannot tell a lie - Twitter added you because you're on my email list. How sad is that? I guess that really does make me a bona fide Twit :-)

Erica said...

Welcome to Twitter! We're happy to have you :o)

Sounds like you've been busy. Sorry about the rough start. Wow bookkeeping, yuck! Although, my hubs would be all over it...

Have a great week :o)

The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

Here is to better and I hope your cat gets better very soon. As for me I'm editing a short and story-boarding a possibility. You have a great week.
Warm regards and every success in 2010.