Oct 4, 2010

Mechanolatry Monday

mechanolatry ~ worship of machines

I had another week that was not about the writing last week, except for my blog posts. I did get some editing done (not for myself) which I’m starting to find very relaxing. Does that make me weird?

My poetry post was very late going up on Thursday, but it did eventually get up there. I started working on it Wednesday night, and even got a verse written for my example, then my internet went down so I couldn’t post it. Thursday morning I read over what I’d written and decided my example needed a second verse, which turned out better than the first, and then I added a third before going back and rewriting the first.

This Week’s Goals:

Tuesday: My Fairy Tale Origins series will wrap up with Part XX, Godfather Death

Wednesday: A new hunk for your viewing pleasure.

Thursday: This week’s Passion for Poetry is the Waka.

Friday: Chapter 58 of the Space Opera. My, my. Just how will Chaney and Nakeisha create enough energy to power the communications grid? ;-)

Elsewhere in my week:

I have a Scribe’s meeting tonight, the 150 word topic is Chaos – which I have not written about yet, but I have had much experience with lately.

I need get back into my writing groove this week. I also need to start thinking about my idea for NaNo this year. I have a few percolating, but I need to start narrowing them down. I might even do the unthinkable and try – brace yourself – an outline! *gasp*

Yesterday, after doing copious amounts of research, I finally used a crow bar to pry the debit card out of my wallet and bought a new desktop computer. Today I will be setting it up. You’d think I’d be looking forward to it – it’s one of those cool, fancy touch screen models. When I first took it out of the box I thought I’d been ripped off – there was no tower. Where was the CPU? The touch screen, which is maybe an inch thick, is also the computer. Sweet! But you know what? I’m getting really tired of setting up and organizing, and loading software. Hopefully this will be it for a while.

I also have a couple of personal goals this week. The first is to suck it up and start getting up earlier. Even though I think mornings should be prohibited by law, I am most productive in the morning so I’d like to try and extend my productive time. The second is to include some form of exercise at least on the week days. This is an easy habit to break – not so easy to get into.

Reading-wise, I’ve discovered no less than five partially read books scattered throughout the house. I solemnly swear that I will not start a new book until these ones are finished. No matter how tempted I am. Of all the goals I’ve set for this week, I think this will be the hardest one to reach. :-)

And that’s what I’ve got planned for my little corner of the world this week. How about you? What have you got planned?


Anonymous said...

Avoiding NaNo this year. Too much on my plate. I am, however worshipping at the altar of the Reapers via Mass Effect 1 & 2. Great games with surprising solid plots, character interaction and overall writing.

Gaming is the new writing frontier.

C R Ward said...

Interestingly enough, the years I tried to avoid NaNo were the only years I completed the challenge. :-)