Jun 19, 2012

Angels and Devils - Part B

Today we start with a few of the more interesting Angels whose names begin with the letter "B":

Balthial is the angel of forgiveness, whose task it is to help people overcome feelings of rage, jealously and envy. His forgiveness is unconditional and he helps us to overcome the resentments and jealous feelings that can sometimes be overwhelming for us.

Barakiel, the angel of lightning, is one of the seven archangels. He grants success, good fortune, and good luck to those who pray to him. He also inspires cheerfulness and a sense of humour. If you pray to him on a regular basis you will become filled with happiness.

Barbiel looks after the interests of anyone born under the zodiacal sign of Scorpio. He is said to have an interest in astrology and is a prince of both the choirs of archangels and of virtues. He is not to be confused with the second Barbeil, who is a fallen angel who enjoys creating discord between people and causing problems with harvests and travellers.

Bariel has a large staff of angels to help him look after the eleventh hour of the day. He is also one of the angels of Wednesday, Mercury's day.

Barman, the angel of intelligence, is the chief of thirty angels, one for each day of the month. According to the Persians, he is also the angle who looks after all the animals on earth, except for mankind.

Bath Kol is the angel of divine prophecy. It was she who first asked Cain where his brother was. She helps people engaged in prophecy - diviners can call out her name for clarification of an omen or intuition.

And now on to the Devils:

Baal-Peor was a god of the Moabites, to whom the Israelites made sacrifices when Moses was up on the mountain receiving the Ten Commandments. As a punishment, Moses had 24,000 of these worshippers killed. Baal-Peor is the demon of discoveries and inventions and is sometimes said to appear as a young girl.

Beelzebub, once the highest ranking angel in heaven, is now the Prince of Demons, also known as the Lord of the Flies, believed to be second in power only to Satan himself. He was a god of the Canaanites, who was known to give oracles and rid harvests of flies, and is often represented as a fly or a figure with the face of a fly.

Belial is considered to be chief of all devils, as opposed to demons, and is said to bring about wickedness and guilt. It is widely believed he was the first angel to fall from heaven by taking gifts, sacrifices and offerings.

Berith is one of the great dukes of hell and appears as a soldier dressed in red, riding a red horse and is often seen wearing a crown. To control him you must have a magic ring. He's able to change metals into gold, which made him a favourite of alchemists, and knows of past, present, and future events.

Bifrons often takes the image of a man and is knowledgeable about astrology, geometry, and other arts and sciences. As well he has a great understanding of the strength and virtue of herbs, precious stones, and woods. He changes dead bodies and moves them to another place, and also lights candles on graves.

Buer is a president in hell and is represented as a five pointed star, or wheel. He moves by rolling himself. He teaches philosophy, both moral and natural, logic, and herbal medicine. He is also known for curing diseases and giving good servants, or familiars.

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