Jun 5, 2012

New Series

As I mentioned yesterday, I appear to have lost all the research I did regarding false prophets that I intended to use for the wrap-up of my Prophets and Prophecies series. I have no idea what the post was going to be about because I planned it out at the beginning of the series and that was more than twelve weeks ago. Anyway, somehow by ferrying information between three different computers and six USB keys, my research vanished into the electronic stratosphere. So we're going to call last week's post the series finale.

To be honest, the Prophets and Prophecies series didn't exactly turn out the way I expected. That sometimes happens in writing, but usually in fiction, not non-fiction. The prophets were more involved in religion than I expected, which begs the question of just how much prophecy is connected to faith.

Which in turn gave me an idea for my next non-fiction series - Angels. But what's the light without the dark? I really feel I need to include their counter-parts, the Demons as well. So next week will start my series on Demons and Angels.

I started doing a little research on the names of Demons and Angels, just to give myself an idea of what I'd have to work with, and wow, there's a lot of them out there! So just to make it easier on myself, I'm going to do this series in alphabetical order. Which means I should be wrapping this series up sometime around Christmas. :-)

So join me here next week for the first instalment of my new series on Demons and Angels.

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