Jun 26, 2012

Special Feature

One of the best things about being friends with other writers is being able to do things like this.

The prolific Jamie DeBree has just released a new novella, Indelibly Inked. This is a real page turner, the perfect blend of suspense and romance!

Claire Taylor is running for Mayor, and she's been advised to clean out her proverbial closets - including covering up the initials she had inked on her ankle many years ago. When it comes time to get the cover-up though, she can't go through with it, and when she's plunged into a world of threats, explosions and kidnapping, suddenly her tattoo is the least of her worries.

Adam Cranston hasn't seen Claire since high school, but when he sees his initials on her leg, it brings back feelings he was forced to ignore in his youth. When a publicist asks him to protect Claire during her campaign, he's caught between his attraction to a woman naive to the dark side of politics and a family that will stop at nothing to win.

You can find your copy on Brazen Snake Books, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Smashwords.

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And her alter ego, Trinity Marlow has just released Irish Cream, a story that is sure to put the sizzle into your summer.

Brianna Meyers' first long-term foray into the world of BDSM did not go as planned. Finally freed from a cruel master with help from a club owner in the community, she's ready to pick up her old vanilla life right where she left off. Only the man who kept her imprisoned won't take no for an answer.

James Prescott doesn't do long-term relationships, but when he's asked to protect Brianna and help her recover from the traumatic relationship, he's more than willing to help. He knows what she needs, and it's not her freedom. But convincing her of that just may cost him his heart...

Irish Cream is available through Brazen Snake Books, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.

Both stories are available for a mere .99 each, a true bargain. But these prices won't last for long, hurry and get your copies today!

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