Jun 5, 2013

June Blog Chain

Yes, it's that time of month - time for the Absolute Write Blog Chain. This month's prompt is:

Yep. Bugs. Simple and easy. Prose, poetry, play. Fiction, nonfiction. It's all good, all bugs.

So without further ado, here's my link in the chain:

Bug of His Dreams

"What is it?" Effie asked, staring down at the 8 x 10 glossy photo.

"It's my dream come true," Albert said with a great deal of satisfaction.

She turned to look at him, raising one eyebrow in the way he'd always wished he could do. "Seriously? You dream of bugs? That's just wrong, Albert."

"What do you know, you're just a girl."

"Now wait just a minute -"

"Just look at her, she's so beautiful . . ." He turned back to the picture, staring at it with an intensity all out of proportion to the image.

"How do you know it's a she?" Effie asked with a hint of amusement.

"Well . . . I just know. That's all." Albert was a little disappointed she wasn't as excited as he was. She just didn't get it. At all.

Effie watched him as he stared with longing at the photograph. When he phoned earlier she thought he was asking her over for a different reason. For a brief moment she'd hoped . . . Well, it didn't matter.

"So where is this bug of your dreams?"

"Some guy staying at the Lucky 8 in Sawyerville found her."

"And let me guess, you need a ride over there."

He turned the full wattage of his puppy-dog brown eyes on her. "I'll make it worth your while . . ."

"Not in any way that counts," she muttered. "Come on, before I change my mind."

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Effie did some quiet reflecting as she drove them to Sawyerville. She's been with Albert for five years now, and never once had he looked at her the way he looked at that damned bug in the photo. She was getting tired of playing second fiddle to his obsession.

How many times had he come to her, all excited, with a lead to a bug a friend of a friend of a friend had heard about? And how many times had she driven him out to the middle of nowhere, only to have him disappointed. Yes, he'd turn to her for comfort but she wanted more than that. She deserved more than that.

"Albert, I want you to promise me something."

"Hmm?" He was still holding the picture, still staring at it. His mind had drifted into a half-formed dream of what it would be like to own such a thing. "Did you say something?"

"If this turns out to be another doctored up picture, if this lead doesn't pan out, I want you to promise me you'll give up this search. You've already got a museum worthy collection, surely it's enough."

Albert looked at her. "But . . . you don't understand. I need this bug. Otherwise my collection won't be complete."

"I can't do this anymore Albert. I can't stand seeing you disappointed time and time again."

He reached over and patted her hand where it rested on the steering wheel. "This time will be different, you'll see." Suddenly more alert he said, "Turn here."

"I can see the sign!" she snapped. Truth be told, she could see more signs than just the one for the Super 8.

They met the man who found the bug and he had them follow him a short distance to well weathered barn on some land he owned. They slipped inside through a side door and there, in all her glory, was the bug of Albert's dreams.

Albert was transfixed. "How much?"

"Albert," Effie cautioned. "Maybe you should have someone check it out, make sure it's authentic."

"It's authentic all right," the man assured them. "Belonged to my grandpa. Been sitting here for more than forty years."

"How much?" Albert asked again.

The man named an astronomical sum.

"Sold!" Albert said, without hesitation.

"Albert! That thing is not worth half a million dollars!"

He shook Effie's hand off his arm. "What would you know about it?"

Effie lost her temper at that. "I know that it's just a car. A car that was conceived by Adolph Hitler!"

"Effie, this isn't just a car, it's a 1967 113 series Volkswagen Beetle."

There was a quality in his voice she'd never heard before. Effie took a hard look at Albert and the way he was gently stroking the hood of the car. Her shoulders sagged.

"I hope you and your bug will be very happy together," she said quietly.

Albert didn't even realize she'd gone. All his attention was focused on the car in front of him. This bug would be the crowning glory in his collection of vintage Volkswagens.

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Anonymous said...

Nice job. You got me with the twist, damn it. Thanks for the read.

DR Slaten said...

That was awesome. Here I was thinking it would be a rare butterfly or something. lol

Unknown said...

OK, you got me too! Very good. You lead me in the direction you wanted me to go and I went there. A car... of course!
History Sleuth's Writings

Tara Quan said...

Great job! That'll make 4 of us -- you got me too.

P.S. Albert seems like a dolt. She's better without him (and his bugs)

Sue said...

You got me too. I didn't see the twist coming.
And seeing the Volkswagen bug gives me shivers as much as real bugs. I was once stuck in a car with my older cousin on a long trip and she beat the crap out of me during a game of punch buggy. Back in the day. ;-)

FantasticFiction said...

Cool & interesting! Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

You got me with the twist too :) I was reminded of that scene in Pixar's regrettable "Cars" of the bugs all being Volkswagen Beetles, heh.