Apr 14, 2014

Mucedinous Monday

mucedinous ~ mouldy; mildewy

Well . . . I gotta tell you. I didn't do so well with my daily goal of 500 words last week. Unless you want to count emails and blog posts, and I had someone tell me that blog post words should count because they're new words. So maybe I didn't do too badly after all. :-)

I really have to stop writing these posts in my head. Or at the very least start jotting notes down during the week. I think of all kinds of interesting things to include throughout the week, but I don't think to write them down so by the time I get around to writing this post they're gone forever.

Let's see now . . . For my new TV craft I decided to finish the navy cardigan I started knitting myself a couple of years ago. It's pretty slow going because the light's not good in the living room, the yarn is dark, and the pattern is intricate. Instead of the stockinette stitch the pattern calls for, I'm using a lacy stitch instead, plus it's got a double cable going up each side. I'm about halfway done the back and unless I start picking up speed I predict I'll have it done in time to wear in the fall.

I'm drawing a blank here. Serves me right for writing this at 3 a.m. What can I say, I started watching a Ghost Mine marathon and couldn't seem to stop. I baked both bread and cookies last week. With the help of the hubby I managed to get the cats' nails cut. Got some reading and some writing in . . . all in all it wasn't a bad week.

Oh! Except for my tooth. Somehow I managed to lose the filling from one of my root canals when I bit into a piece of bread. And it wasn't even crusty bread! I know it was from a root canal because the little post they screw into what's left of your tooth came out with it. And our dental insurance doesn't cover root canals. But it's an old root canal, so it doesn't hurt, so I'm in no hurry to go to the dentist to have it looked at. :-)

The spring pick up starts this week, which meant all those limbs that came down in our back yard during the ice storm needed to be cut up and dragged to the front of the house. Here's a reminder of what it looked like back there:

And here's what that corner of the yard looked like after the hubby and the son-in-law spent the afternoon getting rid of all that brush

And in case you missed it, here's a closer look at the visitor we had back there.

And just after I snapped that picture he jumped into the pond and one of his buddies came waddling under the fence and joined him.

It must be spring, the ducks are back. :-)

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