Apr 18, 2014

What I'm Reading

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you're in a mood to read a certain kind of book? Or is that just me? LOL

We had a lot of grey, miserable weather during the last week, and then it turned cold on us - we're talking sub zero temperatures again with snow - and I was in dire need of some comfort reading, so I started a new book. Or rather, an old favourite. And other than that, I didn't get a whole lot of reading in.

Electronic Books

The good news is, I found the books I was reading on George (my Kindle). Apparently I'd created a folder for books I have on the go and lo and behold, that's where they were. But the bad news is, I didn't get any reading done on any of them. So there was no progress on The Cobweb Bride by Vera Nazarian, or Mr. Love by Sally Mason, or Dark Love by Claudy Conn. And after reading the poorly written Atlantis/merpeople story in the Darlings of Paranormal Romance anthology, I was a little leery of starting the werewolf story. Maybe I'll give it a go over the long weekend.


You know, although I had trouble putting Dreamwalker, by Kathleen Dante down, once I did I never got around to picking it up again. I'm not sure why . . . I think it just went along with the mood I was in and my general lack of reading last week. I didn't get back to Hunting the Corrigan's Blood by Holly Lisle either.


I did get a couple more stories under my belt from Sword and Sorceress IV. I'm taking my time with it because I enjoy savouring the stories. And my comfort reading was Memory and Dream by Charles de Lint. I've read all his books (at least the ones I own, I believe I'm missing a couple) more than once, and they're my comfort food of the reading world. This is one of his Newford books, the city he invented that has a whole cycle of books and stories. It's an urban fantasy revolving around an artist named Isabelle Copely. Reading it is like re-connecting with an old friend. The only problem is, for a hardback the print is a little on the small side, so I'm only able to read a little at a time. Maybe I just need better light . . .

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