Feb 16, 2015

Muscology Monday

muscology ~ the study of mosses

I can't say as I liked last week much. It had a lot of potential but seriously failed to live up to any of it.

And it doesn't help that between the snow and the excessive cold I'm starting to feel like Jack Nicholson's character in The Shining.

But instead of dwelling on all the bad things about last week and the things I didn't get done, I'm going to focus on what I did do.

I got a few more rows done on the catghan throw I'm doing for my daughter and I'm at about the halfway mark. It looks pretty enough that I'm kind of sorry I promised it to her. Of course I can always make myself one too, but I'm looking around my living room as I type this and can spot three throws as it is, with a big chunk of arctic fleece thrown over the back of one of the dining room chairs, waiting for a border to turn it into a blanket.

I got some writing done . . . not a lot, but some. And though I didn't get my Valentine's story done, I do have over 7,000 words written on it and now I have the year ahead to polish it up and maybe offer it as a free download next year.

I baked the dreaded Valentine's Day cookies - raspberry filled sugar cookies on a stick - that I have been baking every year since my daughter turned five. They're a royal pain in the butt to make and next year I'm teaching her how to make them herself - passing the torch, as it were.

One of my nieces started a Facebook page for a project called "Wreck This Journal". You may have seen these journals in your favourite brick and mortar book stores. If you haven't, here's what they look like:

This is not your typical journal. It's full of instructions like, "This page is for handprints or fingerprints. Get them dirty and press down" and "Do a really ugly drawing (use ugly subject matter: gum, poo, dead things, a badly drawn bird, mold, barf, crud)" and "Collect your pocket lint. Glue it here." And the instructions on the back tell you that when you're done, you're supposed to tape the journal closed and send it to yourself.

Anyway, it looked like a lot of fun, so I bought my daughter and I both one and I've decided that I'm going to post pictures of my journal on Wednesdays. I've been struggling with Wildcard posts for a while now, so this might be just the ticket. So Wildcard Wednesday is going to become Wreck This Journal Wednesday.

Now I just have to start wrecking this journal. LOL

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