Feb 18, 2015

Wreck This Journal - Week One

As I mentioned in my post on Monday, I bought my daughter and I copies of Wreck This Journal for Valentine's Day. And then I decided to share the fun I have with mine on my Wednesday posts. So first, we'll start with a picture of the journal, just so we have a record of what it looks like as I start:

There's a lot of fun instructions inside this thing and one of the first things it tells you is that you don't have to follow the instructions in order.

I have to admit, since I only got this journal on the weekend, I haven't got very far in it. So far I've done this page:

and these pages:

And let me tell you, cracking the spine on this thing was not an easy task for me. First of all, it was the principle of the thing. I do not crack the spines of my books. Ever. I have books I've read that look like they're still brand new because their spines are intact.

The second reason this was not an easy task for me was . . . it was not an easy task. I don't know what they used to glue this book together, but it's pretty darned solid. But I did manage one good crack right down the middle. I may have shed a little tear when I did so. ;-)

I can't wait to see what the journal has in store for me this week!


Jamie D. said...

Ha! My husband doesn't crack spines either, but I have too - I can't read a book comfortably unless it will open wide. That's why I let him read our paperbacks first. I always know what I haven't read because the spine isn't cracked yet. ;-)

It may be wrong of me, but I dearly hope you're required to dog-ear a page or two as well... LOL

C R Ward said...

Yeah, I kind of knew you'd like that part. LOL

RamblingWords said...

I knew that Jamie would be able to get behind "cracking the spine." I would not have been able to do it, instructions be damned. I think writing in the book would have pushed me over the edge. This is why I always wrote "diaries" and "journals" in notebooks, on legal pads and via my typewriter. Now I almost write a blog in place of either of these.

I hope you have fun "wrecking your journal." I will have to do it vicariously through you. I just couldn't do that to a book, even one designed for such a project.