Feb 11, 2015

On Mysterious Doors . . .

A couple of years ago, a friend and I were on a road trip when I happened to spy a red door hanging from a tree branch. Unfortunately, we didn't stop so I could take a picture of it, and I suspect we might have been slightly lost because I didn't see it on our way back. However, it was an image that stuck with me - this bright red door in the middle of nowhere.

And it got me thinking, if you stumbled across a door where no door had been/should be, would you walk through it?

Think about it. You have no idea where this door came from or where it might lead. If you passed through it, would you be able to return, or would you be stuck on the other side for the rest of your life? Would curiosity get the better of you? Or would you play it safe?

By a strange co-incidence, when I was searching for images of doors, I ran across the short story, The Door In The Wall, by H.G. Wells. If you haven't read this before, it's worth a look. It's the story of a man who ishaunted by a mysterious door in a wall that led to a beautiful garden. If you'd like a version to read on your e-reader, you can find one HERE. But if you don't mind reading on-line, it's just a short story and there's a PDF version to be found HERE.

In keeping with doors and what might lie behind them, I also found and interesting psychological piece that gives you ten different doors to choose from and what your choice reveals about you. Look at the picture first and pick out your door, then click on THIS LINK. The results may surprise you.

And finally, I found this video on YouTube, of the talking doors from the movie Labyrinth, which just goes to show that sometimes the obvious choice isn't always the right one.

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