Apr 20, 2015

Medianic Monday

medianic ~ of, like or pertaining to spiritualists, mediums or prophets

Spring is just bursting out all over these days. Not in my gardens, of course, mine get too much shade for early blooming and I don't have any bulbs. But the crocuses are coming up in my daughter's garden, and I see little snow drops and other spring flowers in the neighbours yards.

But I have something far more interesting blooming in my garden:

Daphne has made a nest under my butterfly bush.

On the one hand, she's got such great camouflage it seems kind of perfect. Once the bush gets some leaves on it you'll never know she's there. But on the other hand, this is my front garden, right up against the house. Is this bird crazy, or what?

I don't know what time she arrives, but it must be some time during the night because she's there early in the morning. And she stays until almost noon, sometimes later. Meanwhile, we have a lone drake who camps out in the pool and I have to wonder if he's waiting for her to make an appearance, which she usually does in the early afternoon.

It was a glorious weekend, weather-wise. Saturday was so nice out we actually had the deck door open for most of the day. What a novelty, to have fresh air in the house! It almost makes up for the fact it's supposed to rain all week. But April showers bring May flowers, right?

Speaking of flowers . . .

If you saw my Wednesday post, then you know the story of my orchid. The buds are still opening and I have two blossoms now:

It's been a long time since my orchid has bloomed, I was ready to give up hope. But as I said on Wednesday, it really likes the kitchen window sill. You can't see it, but there's a miniature orchid sitting next to it and I'm hoping it's going to learn by example and grow a bloom stalk too.

And while we're on the subject of growing . . . my little Ellie-beans is three months old now and growing like a weed. She loves it when you talk to her, and apparently she thought what Grammie had to say was pretty funny:

Now who can argue with a face like that? :-D

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