Apr 27, 2015

Microcephalic Monday

microcephalic ~ having a very small head

So . . . I was sitting in my recliner yesterday morning and just as I glanced towards the dining room where the cats were gathered at the deck door watching the ducks in the pool, I caught a flash of orange moving across our deck. WTF?

So I went over to have a closer look and saw a fox trot back to the pond to have a drink, and then under the fence into the next door neighbor's yard. He was too quick, and too far away, for a picture, but it was kind of nice to see him. We thought the foxes were gone from the neighborhood but apparently not.

Daphne had been sticking pretty close to her nest most of last week and I could see she'd been starting to line it with down. But the weather for most of the week wasn't that great and I figured if she had eggs she was sticking with them. However, Friday she was gone and the nest is still empty. Now that I've seen the fox, I'm kind of thinking she's abandoned it for good. Smart move, Daphne. There were too many people at the front of the house anyway.

Last week was a busy one for me, I spent a lot of time out of town, which means there wasn't a whole lot of writing/editing done, especially for the last half of the week. This week will be only slightly better because I have appointments on three days, but none of them will take me out of town.

The highlight of last week was a trip I took to Casino Rama. One of our local travel agencies has a bus that goes up once a month and it's something I've always wanted to try. I finally talked a friend into going with me and we had a blast. I even came home with more money than I started out with! Okay, so it was only about $18.00 more, but still . . .

It was a real bargain too. For the cost of $8.00 the bus takes you up and back, and you get a free lunch which was worth twice that. You get the entire day to play in the casino and then you're home in time for supper.

I can easily see where people can get addicted to it. There's nothing quite like the thrill of watching your winnings pile up. I wouldn't mind trying it again. They have day trips to the casino in Niagara in the summer, so at least when I run out of money I'll have something else to do for the day. LOL

Did I mention the bus arrived in Orillia (where Casino Rama is) in the midst of a snow storm? Not quite a blizzard, but bad enough that the road conditions closed down a major highway to the west of the casino due to an accident. Snow. *shakes head sadly*

My orchid doesn't seem to care about the temperature outside, just so long as I keep watering it. And make a concentrated effort not to over water it. But it has a third bud open now:

It was hard to get a good picture of it because the blooms were facing in different directions, but look how many buds I've still got! Any guesses as to how many might open? I'm thinking at least two more for sure . . . I don't think I've ever had more than two or three flowers on a bloom stalk before. I'm very excited!

While it was kind of rainy and miserable early last week, there was snow here on Friday as well. Where'd our spring go?? I refuse to dig out my winter coat again. It's supposed to start warming up a bit this week, not enough to have any doors or windows open, but some. In the meantime, I'll just wear a sweater under my coat. :-D

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