Apr 29, 2015

Wreck This Journal - Week Nine

For anyone who's new, you can catch the previous weeks here:

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Last week one of the ways I wrecked my journal was to trace items from my purse. To make it more fun I offered a prize to whoever guessed the most items. However, only one person was brave enough to guess, and he was totally wrong, so I get to keep the prize for myself. :-)

Sometimes wrecking a page in my journal can be rather time consuming, other times it's . . . not. Usually I try to wreck at least two pages for posting. Last week was a busy week for me, but I still managed to wreck three pages in my journal.

The first page I picked, the instructions said: This page is for handprints or fingerprints. Get them dirty then press down.

I have to admit. That was kind of fun. :-)

And yes, the baby finger on my right hand is naturally that crooked. My oldest sister, who's a nurse, can tell you what it's called - I think it's Kirner's Deformity - and apparently both my sisters and I have it.

The next page I wrecked was pretty simple. I was told to: Tear strips, rip it up!

And even with such simple instructions I managed to mess it up. See the fourth strip from the right where I accidentally ripped it in half? LOL

Now the very next page said to: Glue, staple, or tape these pages together. Yeah, I know it meant the two facing pages, but I figured it would be more fun to deal with the tears. It's my journal, I can wreck it however I want! ;-)

And that's it for this week. Join me here next week to see what new ways I can find to wreck my journal. :-)

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