May 4, 2015

Mnemonist Monday

mnemonist ~ one from whose memory nothing is erased

Last week I did something I haven't done for ages - I picked up a paint brush and painted a picture. It wasn't a very good picture, but it helped me remember how much I used to love to paint. It was very relaxing too. So I decided that it was something I should try and make time for more often, and I've designated Sunday mornings as my "art time."

And no, I'm not going to post a picture of my painting here. There were a couple of parts that were okay, but for the most part it really wasn't good. What I'll do is turn the sheet over and do a different painting next week. Water colour paper is too expensive to waste. ;-)

Instead, I'm going to show you a picture of my messy cat(s).

This picture was taken last evening. After the mess had already been picked up earlier for vacuuming. They really do like to have their favourite toys where they can see them. Taz is quite proud of his tissue paper nest, and he quite likes pink. Every once in awhile I'll spirit away a few of the really shredded pieces (but only when he's not looking) and replace it with a couple of new sheets. And they all love to burrow through the tissue paper to find a toy. Now, if I could only train them to put the toys back in the basket when they're done.

Last week a friend and I went on our monthly thrift store run. Pickings were a little on the slim side - a pair of black jeans to replace a pair I'd worn out, a couple of books, and a tea mug. I read one of the books yesterday - Incantation by Alice Hoffman, and quite enjoyed it.

Then Saturday was the annual book sale at Saint Peter's Church. This is an event my daughter and I look forward to every year and we were lined up with a handful of other bibliophiles at 8:30 a.m. waiting for the doors to open at 9.

While we did pick up a few books, we showed a great deal more restraint than in previous years. This was due in part to the sheer number of books we each possess. Good thing we don't live under the same roof anymore. And it was also due to the over-pricing of the collectible books this year - very disappointing considering the poor shape the books were in.

The edits of Lucky Dog are going well. I'm at the halfway point and I think if I stay away from the games and stop futzing around so much, there's no reason I can't get this round of edits done this week and hopefully send it off to my betas on the weekend.

I finally got around to updating my writing blog. If you missed the post you can find it HERE. One of the things I did was change things around on the sidebar on the right a bit. I have a place for what I'm currently editing as well as novels waiting for edits. It would be nice if I could find a way to have the editing bars reflect the work I've done editing, but I haven't quite figured that one out yet.

And look! Count 'em - the orchid has four blossoms now.

And call me crazy, but I think I'm going to have two more open this week. Awesome sauce! :-)

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