Feb 22, 2010

Money-Making Monday

“I owe, I owe, it’s off to work I go . . .”

Yes folks, it’s my first day at my brand new job. Did I spend my weekend brushing up on Word and Excel which I will be using in my new job? Nope. Did I do any of the vast amount of writing I have waiting for me - a flash piece for my scribes meeting tonight, the business plan I still have to present at school for my diploma, the poem I’m supposed to have ready for my poetry group tomorrow night, my piece for today’s blogfest, not to mention editing and new words on my current projects. Of course not.

Instead I gorged myself on mindless games as a coping mechanism to deal with the anxiety I’m feeling about my new job. Yes, I know I’m being unreasonably paranoid, but I can’t help it. That’s just the way I’m wired. I can shrug off bad stuff happening, but I always view the good stuff with suspicion.


It was another blur-filled week last week. First of all, it was a short week ‘cause of the holiday Monday, and then I had to cram my last two weeks of school into the remaining four days. I took my last exam on Friday afternoon.

The good news is, I reached all my goals last week. Got all my posts done and up in time and I even managed to write my own poem to illustrate my poetry post.

I also start knitting a pair of leg-warmers for the daughter, which strikes me as a little silly considering what a mild winter we’ve had. I’m using four double pointed needles, and at the rate I’m making progress they might be done in time for next winter.

Goals for This Week:

Random Tuesday: Fortune Telling, Part Four. This week I’m trying something a little different. I’ve got a video to show a fortune telling method you’ve probably all tried at one time or another.

Whimsical Wednesday: I haven’t thought this far ahead. Will it be a cartoon? A video? A story? Guess we’ll have to wait until Wednesday and we’ll both be surprised. :-)

Thursday: This week on Passion for Poetry, is the French form of the Retourne.

Friday: Chapter 28 of the Space Opera.

This week I also have a bunch of meetings: Northumberland Scribes tonight, the meeting of my poetry group tomorrow night (I blew off the poetry reading last week to study for my exam), an administration meeting of my poetry group on Thursday, and Thursday morning I have to present my business plan to my former class. School starts at 8:30 a.m. and work doesn’t start until 9:30, which gives me just enough time, even with the commute.

Random Writing

I still don’t have my progress bars up. Will I get them up this week? No promises, but I’ll try.


I’ve picked out my picture, I just have to finish my story. Hopefully I’ll have my offering up later today/tonight. It’s not too late to join the fun, go HERE

Okay, enough about me, what about you? What are you up to this week?


Jamie D. said...

New jobs are always anxiety-inducing for me too. I don't blame you for taking the weekend "off" and playing games. Good luck today...I'm sure you'll do great, and I hope your first day goes spectacularly well. :-)

Great job meeting all your goals for last week too - woot! I've had to admit I don't have time for the blogfest today, but I'll definitely be back to read your entry...

Here's to a promising week ahead!

Lost Wanderer said...

I hope you had a good first day. After all the hard work you've put in, and looking for a job, this is a great thing, so all the best.

C R Ward said...

Thank you ladies! I had a great day and the job isn't nearly as stressful as I thought it would be. :-)

The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

Here I'm just as mad and anxious as you are about the new and unknown so of course I'm sending you all my very best.
Warm regards,