Feb 15, 2010

This Is Monday

After posting yesterday, I didn’t want you to start getting your days of the week mixed up, hence the short, yet accurate, post heading. :-)

Yes, it’s Monday again. And I’m late getting this post up. There’s a very good reason for that. Today is Family Day (at least in Canada it is) and I had the day off, so I slept in, just because I could. ;-)

In case you missed yesterday’s post where I mentioned the 1K Words Blogfest, then go HERE to find out all about it. As a bonus, there’s a really cute picture of a dog there as well.

Last week passed in a blur. I felt crappy off and on and spent a lot of time napping. You know the old saying, “No rest for the wicked”? Well, I must have been extra good last week ‘cause I feel like all I did was rest, or nap, to be precise. I think it’s time to start taking the B12 again.


Last week’s goals were part two of my fortune telling series; humorous story or video; poetry form of Luc Bat; Chapter 26 of the Space Opera.

Last week I scheduled my goals post to appear on the wrong blog so it was late getting up here. I did get part two of my fortune telling series up and I didn’t have to resort to a video for my Whimsical Wednesday. Although I did explore the poetry form of Luc Bat, I was not able to come up with an original one to go with the post. I did make a couple of attempts, but they just didn’t flow properly. Friday I got the next serial chapter done in time, but unfortunately I scheduled it to appear in the PM instead of AM.

So, all in all, it was a pretty mediocre week. Except in one respect. *drum roll please* I had a job interview on Monday and Tuesday I was offered a job in an Editorial Development House that works with authors writing textbooks. Squee! I will be gainfully employed once more, starting Monday, February 22!

Goals for This Week:

Random Tuesday: Fortune Telling, Part Three. The third part of my series about fortune telling will explore Numerology.

Whimsical Wednesday: I said last week that I was starting to run out of humorous stories, yet I still managed to find a couple. But don’t be surprised to find a humorous video instead of a story this week.

Thursday: This week on Passion for Poetry, I will attempt the Irish form of the Ae Freslighe.

Friday: Chapter 27 of the Space Opera. This time I’m aiming for not only getting my post done before 2 a.m., but scheduling it for 8 AM instead of PM. :-)

This week I also need to brush up on my Excel for my new job since I’ll be working mostly in Excel and Word.

Random Writing

This didn’t go the way I’d planned either. I did not get my flash piece done for the Northumberland Scribes, so I ended up posting the prompt late.

I forgot all about the progress bars so I’ll add them to the list for this week.

I’m finding the problem with lists is, you have to look at them once in awhile to be able to follow them. :-)

I did do a post about the Chinese New Year yesterday – this is the Year of the Tiger now. There’s even a link for you to find out what animal of the Chinese Zodiac you were born under. If your birth month is January or February, you might not be the animal you think you are. For years I followed the western interpretation and believed I was born in the year of the Boar. But according to the true Chinese calendar, I was born in the year of the Dog.

So that’s what I have/will be up to this week, how about you? What’s going on with your life these days?


Jamie D. said...

Wow - many congrats on the new job, Carol! Sounds like a great job for an author too. :-)

I still haven't checked out the blogfest info - will have to do that.

It really is annoying to have to actually look at a to-do list, isn't it? LOL I schedule mine out on my PDA, so that helps.

Have a great week - I'm off today too, which is lovely and unproductive at the same time. ;-)

Lost Wanderer said...

Congratulations! That's a great job, because no doubt you would learn a lot of useful stuff.

I have been having a pretty unproductive week, and will probably continue for a bit because I can't stop playing SIMS. I know, I have a problem. But I go through phases when just for few weeks, I just can't stop. :P

I do feel guilty for neglecting editing, but hoping to get back into it. Brainstorming still going on, so that's something.

Erica said...

Congrats on your job! Sounds like you'll be a great fit!! Yay!

Another busy week, how do you do it?

C R Ward said...

Jamie: Thanks! Hope you had a great day off!

LW: Wishing you a productive week! I certainly know how addicting games can be!

Eric: Thank you! You'd be surprised at the amount of time I waste! ;-)