Feb 9, 2010

Tell Me Your Fortune - Part II


Long before tarot cards, astrology, rune stones, etc, dice were cast to gain an insight into the future and the unknown. The term for divination by casting dice is cleromancy.

African witch doctors of certain tribes use dice for this purpose, although their dice are not the standard ones we use. Indian Hindu's use an ancient divining science called Ramala and the dice used are very similar to standard dice except they are spun on a rod. Both ancient Egypt and Rome used dice for divination. The Greek term for divining by dice is astragalomancy from the Greek word for knucklebone dice astragalus's.

There are dice marked with mystic symbols specifically used for fortune telling and divining. Rune dice are a common type but standard dice may just as easily be used. Tibetan monks practise a dice divination technique called Sho-Mo using three ordinary standard spotted dice.

Dice made of bone or ivory are said to be particularly receptive while wood, stone or a natural material are next best, but don't worry if yours are plastic, they will suffice.

Unlike interpreting tarot cards or tealeaves using dice to divine answers to questions requires little intuition. When you feel too tired or distracted to connect with your imagination and intuition, try casting dice for a quick, clear answer to a query.

Reading Your Fortune with Dice

Draw a circle 12 inches in diameter with chalk on a wooden table. Shake three dice vigorously, using either a cup held in the left hand or both hands cupped together if no cup is available. Cast the dice within the circle.

If one die falls outside the circle then it indicates a block to the developments shown by sum of all three dice. If two dice fall outside the circle it warns of a disagreement about the event shown by the sum of all three dice. If all three dice fall outside the circle, try again. If the dice land beyond the circle a second time, try again the next day as the situation is unclear.

Add the sum of all three dice. Read the following interpretation and consider how this statement responds to your question.

THREE: ponder well on what you intend to do. Rushing into things may cause problems. Caution is advised in all things.
FOUR: something you have been hoping for will happen soon.
FIVE: you have nothing to worry about. Your difficulties will pass. A good time to start a new enterprise.
SIX: you are in for a disappointment, but do not take it too seriously. It may be a blessing in disguise.
SEVEN: scandal may touch you for no fault of your own. Avoid petty disputes.
EIGHT: something out of your past will come back to haunt you. Avoid bitterness and recriminations.
NINE: good luck is ahead in school, business, or love. But keep away from games of chance for some time.
TEN: changes are coming, either for good or for evil. Unless you act cautiously, a loss is certain.
ELEVEN: a family matter will soon have you deeply involved. Do not speak too freely of private matters, especially to strangers.
TWELVE: a quarrel with a friend is indicated. Your behaviour will determine its outcome.
THIRTEEN: trouble and bad luck ahead. Put little faith in promises.
FOURTEEN: you may soon have to travel. The journey will be successful.
FIFTEEN: you will have good luck in making an important selection, either in love or in business.
SIXTEEN: you will make a friend who will influence you greatly. But do not desert old friends needlessly.
SEVENTEEN: you will be involved in an enterprise requiring perseverance and industry. Success depends on your efforts.
EIGHTEEN: a lucky toss, indicating success in anything you undertake. Honours and awards lie ahead.


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