Mar 29, 2010

Manifest Monday

I'm sure I've said it before, but it bears repeating. I am solar powered. When the sun is shining my energy level is high, when it's grey and dismal, I'm grey and dismal too. So, this weekend started out very productively with the sun shining on Saturday, and then kind of fizzled out, just like the sun did on Sunday. This morning I can barely keep my eyes open which does not bode well for work today.

Last week I didn't have any trouble writing or getting my posts scheduled, not even on Tuesday night, when I didn't have as much time because of my poetry group meeting.

Late in the week I created a spreadsheet to help me keep track of my finances. I'm not the most thrifty of souls, so I really need to put myself on a budget. The spreadsheet will help me keep track of where my money's going.


My posts were are written and posted on schedule last week. Unlike this post, which I'm doing before work. Hopefully this won't be the start of a trend this week.

I actually got some new words written on one of my WIPs on the weekend, not a lot, but more than I did last weekend.

I think I need to cut myself off from the games again. It's one thing to play Spider Solitaire to help you think, it's another to play Mah Jong Connect for hours on end.

Saturday, not only did I get our taxes done, I finally created the database for my books. I spent way too much time getting the form all nice and pretty, but in the long run it was worth it because I inserted a whole bunch of combo boxes in the form to save time when it comes to filling it out. I got the whole first shelf of my widest bookcase catalogued, and realized I'm going to need a couple of sub-databases as well. *sigh*

This Week:

Tuesday: Part IX of my fortune telling series will explore the use of a pendulum for divining the future. I'm not sure how much longer this series will continue, I'm running out of fortune telling methods.
Wednesday: Cat? Dog? Human? I haven't made up my mind yet. Rest assured, I'll find something to amuse you.
Thursday: Passion for Poetry this week will be the Paradelle, which has a bit of an interesting story to it.
Friday: Chapter 33 or 34 of the Space Opera. Why might I skip chapter 33? Because Chaney and Nakeisha are about to have s*e*x and I don't know if I can keep it PG enough to post on my blog. ;-)

Elsewhere in my week

I have my Scribes meeting tonight, for which I have nothing written yet. I think the subject was coming home, and we were supposed to write it in 3rd person and then rewrite the same piece in 1st person.

I want to finish reading The Time Traveler's Wife, I'm enjoying the book but it's getting harder to find time to read.

I also need to start paying attention to the news in preparation for The “Behind the Headlines” BlogFest. It's being sponsored by the amazing Ralfast who is Neither Here Nor There

Just like the last blogfest, the idea is to write a short story (no limit this time, but consider the limitations of blogs). The idea is simple, take a news story, any story (tabloid, blogs, twitter, mainstream media) and write a short revealing the “real” story behind the headlines.

This should be loads of fun, so I hope you all participate. This is a week-long BlogFest kicks off on Monday 5 April. You can find all the details HERE

So, that's my week, how's yours shaping up? Anything new and exciting in your part of the universe? Inquiring minds want to know!


Jamie D. said...

I don't know how you keep up with all the blogfests, Carol. And write short bits for your writers group, and blog posts, and work on your novel. And now, work full time! Sheesh - and you thought I was organized! I can't do the blogfests...I just don't have time to write more than I already am! LOL

Congrats on the spreadsheet and book database. Isn't it funny how once you start using a database, you always find something else you want to categorize in it, normally involving more work? ;-)

And I do hope that Ch. 33 will be available via email if it's too racy for the blog? Pretty please? LOL

I hope you have/had a good day at work today. I'm muddling through with blurry eyes myself. Dang Mondays...

C R Ward said...

Well, I've missed a couple of blogfests, but I have a three-day weekend to work on the this one. :-)

For sure I will e-mail chapter 33 to you if I can't tone it down enough for the blog. ;-)