Mar 9, 2010

Tell Me Your Fortune - Part VI

Podomancy, also known as pedomancy or solistry, was once a very popular method of fortune-telling in China. It is a divination by examining the lines of soles. Similar to palmistry, where the divination is based on the person's palm shape and lines, podomancy is based on the belief that person's feet represent the symbol of that person's soul. Skilled diviners interpret sizes, shapes and lines of the feet to reveal the personality and the future of the person to be divined upon.

Depending upon the size, shape and overall look of your toes, many things can be assessed about who you are, what your personality is like and what character traits are your strong ones and which need a little more development in you.

You don’t need to be able to interpret the lines of a sole to tell a fortune. There is much to be learned just from your toes and the shape of your foot. For example, if you have a very large big toe, you tend to be a big talker but not everything you say is based on reality. A short toe means you have difficulty expressing yourself. A rounded toe conveys sensitivity and tactfulness.

Toes that are crossed over one another mean that person has little faith in himself and finds it hard to trust. For many, a long second toe is common. These individuals have great vision and like to be in charge; however, they can be very opinionated.

A toe bent towards the big toe depicts looking back towards the past and hanging onto the past. A toe bent towards the little toe indicates a rush to reach the future. Crooked toes indicate you modify your thinking to please others, but the act itself encourages devious thoughts. Bent toes show you’re self-conscious of having your own thoughts, and may fear failure and responsibility. Twisted toes mean you look to others for reassurance and may prefer not to acknowledge the truth.

If your little toes are tightly squeezed under the neighbouring toe, you have little faith in yourself and find it hard to trust and let go. This can also be reflected in the sexual arena. In addition, you may feel reluctant to take on further responsibilities particularly within the family. A painful big toe can reflect sorrows being held onto which still affect your life in a negative way.

If your big toe stands apart from the other toes, you need time before you let the outside world know your innermost thoughts and feelings. Webbed second and third toes show that your self-esteem tends to be firmly linked to your activities or career, however you are a potential genius.

The emotional instabilities of a person are seen in the horizontal ridges of their toe nails.
Vertical ridges on nail indicate a metabolic disorder. Horizontal ridges on nail indicate emotional instability. This person also feels insecure due to perceived obstacles and can feel uncertain about protecting certain ideas.

As for the feet themselves, high arches mean that you are an intellectual and prefer to work through issues from an intellectual standpoint. But you can some times be too much of a dreamer. It also means that you have had to learn to be self-sufficient from an early age.

Low arches or flat feet mean that you are ever the practical realist. You need to allow yourself to dream a little more. You do tend to rely on a lot of support from others.

Swollen puffy feet indicate that you are holding much back and are unwilling or unable to express your emotions. Swelling reveals the lack of resolution of past issues and the presence of perceived burdens from the past.

A cracked heel shows that you tend to be indecisive and feel pulled in too many directions. Your security base feels "cracked".

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