Jul 19, 2010

Magnicaudate Monday

magnicaudate ~ having a long tail

Last week . . . last week I got my posts up on time on this blog, but did not get a flash piece done for my other blog on Friday. I outlined it on Thursday, then went to a poetry reading, and when I got home I focused on getting my serial instalment done (which ran longer than I’d planned). Then Friday I got busy doing other things and Saturday I didn’t even crack the lap top open. So, the flash was another miss.

This week is about discipline and organization. First up is clearing out the overflow of books and papers from my office. My office is really the best place for me to work, but it’s hard to concentrate with all the bags and boxes of books covered in cat hair and papers.

It’s also time to go cold turkey from the games again. They’re such a waste of time! I can tell myself that playing word games like Word Mojo or Text Twist are good for the mind, but there’s little redeeming value for the number of on-line jig saw puzzles I do. If I have to, I’ll have my hubby lock up my mouse.

I find the track pad on my lap top really annoying so I disabled it and have a wireless mouse. However, if I’m having trouble giving up the games I’ll enable it again and get rid of the mouse. Games are really annoying to play with the track pad. :-)

This Week’s Goals:

Tuesday: Part X of my fairy tale series will explore the ever popular Cinderella.

Wednesday: A new hunk for your viewing pleasure. Maybe something with sand . . .

Thursday: This week’s Passion for Poetry is the Abecedarius, which looks like a lot of fun.

Friday: Chapter 47 of the Space Opera. Will Chaney and Nakeisha get rescued? Or is it time for another trip from the frying pan into the fire?

Elsewhere in my week:

Not only have I not reviewed the pile of books on my desk for my reading challenge, I’ve adding about six or eight more to it. Yikes! Gotta start getting them done and into the book database and then the bookcase.

I have a Scribe’s meeting tonight, and a meeting with my poetry group tomorrow night. I’m hoping someone from the group will volunteer to go through my poetry with me to help me choose the poems I’ll be reading in public in August. *gulp!*

I’m re-thinking my Random Writings blog (again!). I’m going to continue with the prompts on Monday and the Pearls of Wisdom on Wednesday (this week will be outlines), but I’m moving the flash post to Saturday. I really should put up some links to the previous posts for the Pearls of Wisdom too.

Despite the avalanche of books I have to read, I need to start using reading as a reward for writing. The problem is, I start reading a good book and I don’t want to put it down. This is where the discipline comes in.

I also need to find my password for Twitter so I can become more active on it. :-)

This looks like a lot for one week, but when you break it down it’s not that bad. Honest! So now that you know what’s on my plate, what’s on yours?


Jamie D. said...

I am so right there with you in so many ways. LOL

My serial chapters always take longer than I expect. And I have no discipline when it comes to books whatsoever. It's an addiction, reading. Must. Control. The. Urge. ;-)

Looks like you've got a lot going on...me too, as usual. Good luck with it all - I can't wait to read about Cinderella, and the next installment of the serial...

C R Ward said...

Our weekly goals do look rather impressive, don't they? :-)

Good luck with your week as well Jamie!