Jul 26, 2010

Manumission Monday

manumission ~ emancipation; freedom from slavery

You know, last week started out really well . . . I got rid of some of the excess books from my office and straightened up the papers. Giving up the games was much easier than I thought it would be, for the first half of the week anyway. As for the reading for reward purposes only . . . well, let’s just say I have five more books sitting on my desk to be added to the list for the reading challenge (three of which I read this weekend).

On the other hand, I did get all my posts done and posted in a timely fashion, and I even did a bonus post on Saturday for a cool hand-writing meme.

So, while I seem to be getting the game addiction somewhat under control, the reading for pleasure only didn’t last long. I think my mistake was reading while I ate lunch – once I started reading I wouldn’t want to stop. So this week we’re going to try not reading until after my writing and editing is done.

This Week’s Goals:

Tuesday: Part XI of my fairy tale series, which is part two of Cinderella.

Wednesday: A new hunk for your viewing pleasure.

Thursday: This week’s Passion for Poetry is the Italian form of Rispetto.

Friday: Chapter 48 of the Space Opera. Who’s waiting for them at the space port, friend or foe? And more importantly, what had Nakeisha being going to tell Chaney right before they were rescued?

Elsewhere in my week:

I have no meetings this week. Be still my heart!

August will soon be upon us (where has the time gone??) and I need to start choosing the poems I’ll be reading on the 19th. This is not an easy task as I have to fill in about 20 – 30 minutes with poetry. AND to make matters worse, not only do I go on first, I’m followed by the town’s Poet Laureate.

Over on Random Writings, moving the flash piece to Saturday worked out rather well, so I’ll try it again this week. Also, my Pearl of Wisdom this week will be Point of View. Pop on over there to read my (deliberately) bad, 200 word, single sentence beginning to a novel.

And that’s pretty much it for the week. I feel like a slacker. :-)

1 comment:

Jamie D. said...

Yay for no meetings! :-)

I do exactly the same thing with reading. I'll sit down to a meal, thinking I'll only read while I'm eating, get sucked in and not be able to put the book down. It's kind of pathetic, really...but at least when I don't have ebooks (like now, I'm out for the month), I can't read at work. LOL

Good luck with your goals! Nice to have an easy week for once, eh? :-)