Oct 6, 2011

Passion For Poetry

When I started this series on poetry forms, it was in the aftermath of completing the PAD challenge (Poem A Day) offered by Poetic Asides in April, 2009. I was high on the energy of all that poetry and had a new-found interest in poetry forms which I thought would be fun to share on my blog.

My goal wasn’t just to write poems in these forms, it was to share these forms in such a way that it would encourage other poetry lovers to give them a try as well. I used a variety of sources for the research of these forms and tried to distil the explanation each week into something even beginners could follow. Sometimes it was like pulling teeth to find enough information about a form, but as long as I found enough information that someone else could give the form a try, I was happy with it.

It was not my habit to cite my sources. I spent a great deal of time, probably more than I should have, researching these forms and no, I didn’t always think to keep track of where I was getting my information from. For me, it wasn’t the research or the source of the research that was important, it was the poetry itself, which is why I always cited the source of an example if it was not my own.

There are a few people out there with a love of research as large as my love of poetry who believe that credit should be given where credit is due and in retrospect I can’t disagree with them. When using exact information from another site it probably should have been in quotations. In some cases it was, but unfortunately sometimes I was in a hurry to get the post finished and I got careless. My bad.

I would like to point out that this poetry series a just a very small part of one person’s blog. It was for entertainment purposes only. I got nothing out of this except the joy of sharing poetry with anyone who wished to visit this site on Thursdays. Unfortunately, recent events have sucked that joy right out of poetry for me. So until further notice, my poetry series on forms will be on hiatus.

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