May 21, 2012

Monopteron Monday

monopteron ~ circular temple with one ring of columns

It’s the twenty-first of May
The Queen’s Birthday
And if we don’t get a holiday
We’ll all run away!

Okay, I think the original rhyme has the queen’s birthday as May 24, but seeing as today is the 21st I took a little poetic license with the poem. :-)

You may be wondering why this post seems a little short. Well, I’ll tell you. Today is a holiday for us Canadians, Victoria Day (in case you were wondering), and I’ve decided that in honour of the Queen’s birthday I’m taking a much-needed blogging vacation for the week. I can’t remember the last time I took a blogging vacation, which means I’m much overdue for one.

So, I apologize if you’ve come here looking for the next Prophet in the series, or book review, or serial instalment, poem, or flash piece. I’ll be back on May 28, which is Memorial Day for all you Yanks out there, and I may even have a special announcement to make. *knock wood*

See you in a week!

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