Apr 4, 2014

What I'm Reading

In this case, the title should be more like, what I'm not reading. To be perfectly honest, I haven't done much reading at all in the last week. So what have I been doing? When I haven't been writing or procrastinating or napping, I've been . . . crocheting.

Sometimes it's feast or famine with me. I can do nothing but read for days on end and then no reading at all for days. It's the same with the crocheting. Last week I was on a crocheting binge. Most of it was done while I was watching TV, either a DVD in the afternoon or regular TV in the evening. The urge was so strong that when I went to the movies Tuesday night it just didn't feel right because I didn't have my crocheting with me.

What I was crocheting was squares to put together to make an afghan. A couple of months ago I finished an afghan that was done all in one piece and I wanted to do something that wasn't quite so labour intensive. The intension was to use up yarn left over from other projects. Here's a picture of the finished squares:

As you can see, I have both big squares and little squares. The finished throw will alternate 12 inch squares with groups of four 6 inch squares. When I'm done it'll look something like this:

I didn't want to add to the size of the groups of 6 inch squares, so I just sewed them together. But I'm going to use something a little fancier to join the rest of the squares of the throw. I just have to decide what stitch I'm using. And what colour.


Jamie DeBree said...

Love those squares! That will be a lovely (and warm) afghan...

I've been skimping on reading too, but when the next binge hits, I dare say we'll both make up for it, eh? ;-)

C R Ward said...

It'll make a great throw for curling up under when I'm reading a good book.

You know . . . next winter. LOL