May 26, 2014

Montgolfier Monday

montgolfier ~ balloon using fire for propulsion

Happy Memorial Day to my American Friends! I hope wherever you are the weather is what you want it to be and you're all enjoying your holiday weekend.

My weekend was sunny, but it didn't really start to warm up until late Sunday afternoon. While it was nice if you were in the sun and sheltered from the breeze, the breeze itself was freezing. Which means it was too cold to have the windows open on Saturday.

The neighbor who's been feeding Daphne has predicted that the eggs will be hatching in about a week. Daphne comes to visit our pool every day where she has a blast flapping around while she has her bath and then drying off on the side of the pool before heading back to the nest. While I don't expect her to bring her babies to the pool, I have high hopes that she'll bring them over to the pond for a visit.

By rearranging the office to get rid of the superfluous furniture, the hubby realized I was serious in my desire to create a reading nook. So he spent his Saturday putting up the strapping for me, and I spent Sunday painting the inside of the closet. After months of talking about it, it's nice to actually be working on it, however the work is going much slower than I had anticipated. You can expect a full report on my Wildcard Wednesday, with pictures. ;-)

I've used up all my green yarn making hexagons, so now I have to figure out the pattern I want to have them in for my throw. There's three shades of green plus a soft yellow. I'll be joining them using black yarn in either a scallop join or a braided join. Whichever I'm able to master the easiest.

Once that's done I'll be at loose ends again (no pun intended) as far as a television craft goes. I promised a baby quilt for my daughter to give to a friend - maybe I should go through my material stash to see if I have any I could use to embroider on.

Last week I started writing a brand new story that's a bit of a departure for me. Not only is it a young adult romance, it's from the male point of view. The real challenge for this story is keeping it to short story length. I keep coming up with thoughts on how to make it longer, but I really want to stay with the original idea, which was just a nice, straightforward, young romance.

On deck for the week will be finishing my reading nook, and maybe getting some work done on Lucky Dog. For some reason, that book just doesn't want to seem to write itself. ;-)

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