Jul 7, 2014

Macromancy Monday

macromancy ~ divination using large objects

The mind is a strange and sometimes annoying thing. Remember the whole daily to-do list thing I've been doing? Well I'm finding lately that it's not working in the way I'd intended. Instead of being pleased or self-congratulatory over the items checked off of a list, all I'm able to focus on are the things that aren't. Even if it's just one or two of them.

I don't know why I've been in this headspace lately, but I'd like it to stop. I don't have time for these downward, depressive spirals. I really don't.

And what's with the tiredness?? I take my B12 every day. I've tried getting more sleep and I've tried getting less sleep. I get plenty of exercise . . . So why am I so tired? Guess I need to make a note somewhere and ask my doctor when I see her. In August.

Okay, enough whining for one blog post. :-)

Happy things . . . let's see, let's see . . .

I have finished embroidering the blocks for the baby quilt my daughter requested for a friend of hers. I'd post a picture, but I need to sew them together first. Maybe next time I'll be able to post a picture of the finished quilt.

The last row of hexagons is tied in place - yes, it's probably a needless step, but it helps me from getting confused as to what hexagon goes where as I go along. So. The hex-ghan will be my TV craft for the week. Let's just hope there's some good TV viewing on. :-)

I have finished cataloguing my science fiction/fantasy paperbacks - at least the ones that are going into the nook. I'm still on the fence about whether I'm putting my Mercedes Lackey books in the nook or in the upstairs hallway. Guess I'll probably leave the paperbacks stacked in the nook until I get the hardbacks done and see how much space they take up.

The hubby finished the risers for the last row of books in the nook, we're just waiting for the paint to dry and then I have no more excuses about getting to work on the cushions. ;-)

Lots to do this week. In the nook I can start to work on the sf/f hardbacks and start bringing them down from upstairs and from various other places around the house. Once again I'm fence sitting about whether the anthologies will be going in the bookcase in front of my desk, or in one of the ones upstairs. Decisions, decisions . . .

I've also picked up some editing work lately. One of the books is done and back to its author (who has two more for me) and one of them I've just barely scratched the surface.

Today, probably as you're reading this, I have one of my sisters and her grandson stopping in for the night. Haven't seen her since Christmas so it'll be an interesting visit. To celebrate, I put clean sheets on the bed in the guest room. ;-)

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