Jul 2, 2014

Of Books and Bunnies . . .

So here's the thing. I was totally going to post a picture of the progress I'm making on filling my reading nook with books, but I suddenly had doubts as to whether or not I'm going to have room for all my science fiction/fantasy books in there. And that's even if I put all the anthologies in the smaller bookcase upstairs.

So I catalogued and shelved to the end of the 'B's, which went halfway around the top shelf, and then I started from the 'Z's and worked backwards through the 'M's. Wow. Michael Moorcock and Anne McCaffrey have written a LOT of books, and these are just the ones in paperback I own. Ditto for Edgar Rice Burroughs and Marion Zimmer Bradley. And it's going to take me a couple of days to catalogue all my Mercedes Lackey books.

And so now I'm thinking I'll need at least three rows of shelves for my paperbacks, and that's after I have almost a whole box of discards. It's not a huge box, more the size of a banker's box, but still . . .

At this point I'm seriously considering shelving a couple of my bigger collections in a different place - the small bookcases in the upstairs hallway for instance. Probably either my Mercedes Lackey or Marion Zimmer Bradley books because I have almost equal amounts of them in paperback and hardback. Or maybe the Anne McCaffrey books . . .

You see now why progress has been so slow? ;-)

All righty then. Now what should I talk about?

The hubby got the tarp off of the pool last weekend and already it's warm enough to swim in. Just ask the lone duck that's still hanging around. LOL Although actually, that's an improvement over last year when we had six or eight of them that just wouldn't move on. Even Daphne hasn't been around in the last couple of days, so we're thinking she might be sitting on another batch of eggs. Hopefully someplace a little more secure this time.

But I have a new little forest creature to add to my collection - a rabbit. We usually see him in the early evenings, just sitting or wandering around our backyard. I just hope my neighbour doesn't catch him out there - she has a special hate on for bunny rabbits. Have I mentioned what a big garden she has?

Anyway, just because I can, here's a picture of Peter. Sorry about the blurriness, but he didn't want me to get too close and I don't have a lot of zoom on my camera.

He's very cute, but very shy. And just to prove how random life truly is, the craft project I've been working on is a baby quilt for a friend of the daughter's, and I've taken the pictures for the embroidered squares from a Best of Beatrix Potter book. Beatrix Potter, as you should know, is the creator of Peter Rabbit. And the one evening I saw our bunny out back, and he was sitting in an upright pose, just like Peter. Hence my name for him. :-D

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