Jul 21, 2014

Margaric Monday

margaric ~ pearl-like

I'm backkkk. Did you miss me?

And I'm back to my old habits apparently as well. It's after 2 a.m.as I start this, and it looks like I'll be up for a while finishing it.

But it's not entirely my fault. I actually had a nice little post all finished, but it was more of a Wildcard Wednesday thing than a Monday update thing. *sigh* Of course the good news is that with a few minor alterations, I've got Wednesday's post done. :-)

My blogging holiday did not go as planned - surprise, surprise. I think the bigger surprise would be if something actually did go as I planned it.

The hubby's hip surgery went as planned - he went in, got his hip replaced, and will be spending the next several weeks left to my tender mercy as he recuperates. God help him.

It's kind of mind boggling, the limitations he has, even if they are only temporary. He can't sit in his recliner, can't cross his legs, can't bend, can't even have a shower for at least two weeks. And he can't drive for at least six weeks - in fact, he's not even supposed to ride in the car unless he absolutely has to.

But of course we knew what the score would be before his surgery, so we were prepared. He has a walker upstairs, a walker downstairs, and a cane to use on the stairs. There's a booster seat on the toilet. We had to borrow a chair for him to sit on in the living room - none of ours were high enough and the couches are completely out of the question.

So now it's just a matter of time for him to heal.

Somehow I had the naive idea that I'd get lots of writing done during my break. I even took my lap top with me to the hospital, only to end up locking it up in the car. I really should have known better. Other than an email or two, I got NO writing done, never mind extra. I didn't even catch up on my journal until yesterday.

But today is a new day, starting a new week, and I am glad I took last week off. The hubby and I are settling into a routine and I'm sure I'll be back to procrastinating getting lots of writing done normal, or as normal as I ever get, in no time. ;-)

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