Dec 3, 2008

Characters Gone Wild

My FMC starts out pretty strong and sure of herself (of course in the situation she’s in she has to be) but then she starts having all these insecurities pop up, especially when it comes to a relationship with the MMC. She was fine when he had no memory of who he was, but once he becomes a prince again, boom! Insecure city.

And my MMC . . . he starts out as an arrogant SOB, loses his memory and becomes a likeable guy, then regains his memory and kind of blends the two, with the emphasis on the likeable guy. But first he becomes a bit of an ass trying to impress the FMC.

And, to top it off, I’m stuck in a plot hole. My FMC is fed up with the MMC (see acting like an ass comment above) so she’s gone off to visit her friend on another planet. Now, someone on the MMC’s planet (which still doesn’t have a name) wants her out of the way, but I can’t decide whether they sick space pirates on her (she’s a trader so they could just tell them she has something really, really valuable) or if they sabotage her ship.

I already have most of the scene written using sabotage, but I don’t like the way it’s reading. It might make better sense to use the space pirates - they could damage her ship, she could end up off course, they can get scared off by a warship who doesn't notice her . . . Hmm, I’m starting to like that idea. Then, when the prince goes after her, he can commandeer the warship to help him search.

See, who says blogging is a waste of time? :-)

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