Dec 9, 2008

Life On A USB Key

I wonder if the current low price of new lap tops will push the price of computer repair down?

My lap top is two (three?) years old. I have never had it properly cleaned. It is getting very slow. While I’m not worried about an imminent crash, I do worry about viruses and such. And it’s not like I’d be completely stuck, I do have a desktop computer I can use in a pinch, but it just wouldn’t be the same as my lap top.

I’ve read a couple of posts over at Absolute Write by people who have lost everything when their computer crashed . . . It’s a scarey thought. Probably 80 % of what I’ve written has a paper back up but the other 20% (the most current and better stuff) is all electronic.

I have 3 USB keys. Two 2 GB black ones that I alternate backing up my files onto(when I remember), and one red one that’s 4 GB that I have my whole life backed up onto: document files, photographs . . .

Once my Nano document went over the 25K mark I started backing it up every night before I shut down. Today I just realized that I haven’t backed it up since I hit the 50K mark. Oops! My bad!

Yesterday I finished the space pirate scene. They came, chased my FMC into the asteroid field, got chased away by a war ship, and my FMC was left in a crippled ship. Then I added a bunch of pages to where my hero comes to the rescue. I guess that would make him her hero, wouldn’t it?

And for your reading enjoyment, Mari Carr is offering a free read on her website: HERE I read it yesterday before I started writing and enjoyed it immensely. I really liked the way she resisted the temptation to drag out the ending like so many writers do with this kind of scenario.

Today, I’m tackling that pesky section I need to add to the beginning.

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